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Your weekly update in race relations in America.

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Apr 28, 2019
There's something about young black males with saggy pants heading toward someone while holding onto his crotch that makes me suspect that trouble is about to take place. It's like a calling sign that these types of males make when they are about to become violent or aggressive. If I were in the shoes of some of the victims in these videos, I wouldn't even try to be politically correct but instead just run away at first sight of these hoodlums. Risking your life and property just to be seen as tolerant and compassionate is not worth it.

If black america wants to be treated as equal with respect, then it has to admit that maybe many young black males do deserve to be looked at with suspicion. The idea that if a person is racist for suspecting that a young black male who is acting strangely or suspicious is both asinine and goes against common sense and human survival instincts. The burden is on young black males to dress, act, and speak in manners that society has deem appropriate. It should not be the burden of law abiding citizens to risk their lives just so young black males feel welcomed.

I feel sorry for these victims. They tried to be civil, in uncivil situations, and it ended up very badly for them.
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... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
Fake news!

I didn't see one MAGA hat in all of those videos so clearly they were doctored.


Rapid Response Threadmaker
Feb 9, 2009
Are we supposed to be finding the cutest person on the page?

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