Youtube stops showing the number of negative scores.


See you all thought it would be some evil AI or nuclear war.

But we are actually moving towards Lego Movie dystopia:

"Everything is awesome, there aren't bad things, everything is amazing and there's only things we like and things we like even more!"
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so many times people say 'no big deal' and downplay the same themes which occur repeatedly. a single brick on its own doesn't do much but doesn't take long to have walls in place. one day there will be something you disagree with or want to criticise but be told to get lost, along with everyone else.

youtube are profitting and premium users don't get option to have a basic function on the largest, most influential video sharing platform. same with netflix. that's a slap in the face. that isn't caring about the customers. imagine being told no bad reviews for any other services, paid or free. having a transparent approach of sharing comments and ratings is an established standard. online media companies shouldn't be an exception and nor should we be discouraged for speaking out against it.

it doesn't need to have dictator or CCP style restrictions. there are plenty of examples. you can call it curtailing expression rather than censorship if you want to argue the wording. the effect is still the same. if people don't care, fair enough but plenty of others have common sense and call out this bullshit for what it is.

I'd rather have an open platform where people can express things i disagree with and vice versa than one which is motivated by other interests. if you liked this post, please give a thumbs up 👍

if you didn't, fuck off.
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