YouTube videos emerge of XBOne Blu-ray drives failing / making grinding noises

Oct 27, 2004
Nowhere, PA
Like before on the PS4 problems, if true, we must wait to see as it develops how wide spread it is. Launch issues will always occur on some units, and it's a shame... so concern is for immediate expedited replacements and for it to be relatively isolated.
Jan 5, 2012
I don't think it's chewing the disc. One of the videos has the disc ejected pretty easily, and it didn't appear to be damaged.

However, I do have to wonder if this is the great shitstorm that CBOAT foretold, or just another Blue Light Of Death overblown minor issue.
Dec 7, 2010
Until more data comes to expose any underlying problem, these are just launch batch defects, it is unfortunate and sucks, but it always happens.

I feel bad for the people who had this nasty surprise. I am sure MS will solve their problem.
Jun 23, 2010
design choice, not a compromise...

in all seriousness though i find it interesting that they all make nearly the exact same sound, for the same amount of time...sounds like a very specific malfunction with the disc drive...that is a little worrisome...but in fairness, just like with the PS4 these things need to be taken into context, and MUCH MUCH more evidence is needed to even begin to think its a widespread problem...

i do however wonder, if the media will play this up like the PS4 errors on launch day...


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Jun 6, 2004

UPDATE: And just like that the nightmare is over. 11 hours after I first plugged the console in, it has started working of its own accord, without me changing anything. I wasn't even in the room when it moved into the proper console setup. What a relief. Thanks to the people who were nice in the comments. The rest of you are your own punishment.

How is it easily fixable if the drive is shot? Wouldn't they need to replace it?

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