Yu Suzuki considering Crowdfunding/Kickstarter to fund Shenmue 3

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Yu Suzuki declares to be thinking about a kickstarter-LIKE model to fund Shenmue 3! #MAGS
Source: (Sebastien-Abdelhamid) He works with pretty big independent French TV channel and is part of the Monaco Anime Game Show.

Yu Suzuki would like to continue the Shenmue adventure in anime or manga form.
Translation by shuri

****Further Clarification on what happened at the Event:

It's pretty obvious that Suzuki has always wanted to make a Shenmue 3......Sega would just never let him.

Hope this goes through with Sega's approval and the trilogy finally gets completed.
This is gonna be great. When he asks for millions and then doesnt reach it, all the fans that thought there was this huge following will be crushed and devastate. Oh yes, i can see it now.
Considering the first two games cost $70 million to make, I'm not sure a Kickstarter would help him much. $3-4 million probably wouldn't be enough to make Shenmue 3 a reality.
Always wondered why SEGA didn't release Shenmue I/II as downloads for XBLA/PSN, if they stuck it on PC/WiiU/PSV as well they could actually get a decent gauge of the series current popularity.

Never contributed to a Kickstarter before but will if it means getting Shenmue 3
I want it to look exactly like a Dreamcast era game.
Kind of this. I want it to look and feel just like Shenmue & Shenmue II.

I would gladly drop whatever a next-gen console will cost on Shenmue III, but, ideally, one of the console manufacturers would fund this - there aren't any franchise titles that, on their own, could make me chose one console over another next-gen, except for Shenmue.
It would have to be by far the largest goal of any kickstarter project if the game was going to do the series justice. It would be cool if it could happen though.
My heart just skipped a beat. Shenmue is a very special game to me - especially the second installment. I would be willing to invest up to $300 if this actually becomes a thing.
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