Zampella: TitanFall to support digital Pre-loading

According to Vince Zapella twitter this will be in place for Titanfall. Surely all future games will also?

If true all I can say is "about time" Gives more hope for digital pre-order bonuses as well.

Edit: May Have jumped the gun here. I didn't even think about PC version.

Edit2: Titanfall Xbox One showing available for pre-load on Microsoft Store. At least we now know the Xbox One has this capability, Hopefully all future games will be able to do the same.

game size is 15GB

edit: i assume it should be ready after the march os update since there is no buy button yet
Unless I'm missing something, they don't mention XB1 anywhere in those tweets. Could be talking about the PC version.

Would be nice if true, though.


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I'm really hoping that MS will make Titanfall the first game you can pre order/load on Xbox.

It seems crazy to me that they don't have a system like that in place. Even Sony has one.

Edit: It seems like Titanfall is the first game to support preload on Xbox. Now if only they can change the time the game unlocks... Sucks for east coast people.
This is great. I'm going all digital this gen and this kind of thing makes it a lot easier. I would like to see some better pricing as time goes on as well, but this kind of thing (which seems like a pretty easy win) is the stuff they should be doing.