Zelda Wii U - Recap of 5 hours gameplay stream

Apr 22, 2013
A lot of things have been said during those 5 hours of streaming and people may not want to browse over the topics about Nintendo/Zelda. Fortunaly a cool guy, MiamiWesker, showed up and posted recap and I felt that I should share them with you guys in a separate clean topic.

This is not a brag topic but a recap topic of what we've learned.


1080P videos ! No commentary


Made a summary of everything I can remember.

Lets summarize all the things you can do in Zelda and the changes:



•Open world, go where you want from the start. Obviously some places you wont be able to reach until you get an item.
•Link can jump, climb on anything, swim, run, all governed by a stamina meter.
•Dynamic weather effects the game, if there is wind you can use it to spread fire. If there is a thunderstorm metal can be struck by lightning. Rain will put out fires.
•Temperature plays a role, link cant go into an area too hot or too cold or he takes damage. Need to get better clothes. Or build a fire to stay warm, or use a torch. Or cook various objects and make a potion that gives certain resistances.
•There are shrines scattered around the world, over 100, each have trails of puzzles or combat. Treasures and sometimes new skills are found within. These are not the full dungeons you will also find.
•There are enemy base camps, some have a treasure chest that only opens when you clear the camp.
•You mark the world map. Its not filled with a ton of stupid markers. If you see something you cant reach yet, leave a treasure marker, or an enemy marker for a tough enemy.
•The E3 demo is only the plateau, a small elevated chunk of land where you can spend hours and hours exploring and its like 2% of the full game.
•There will be towns and NPCs but most have been removed for the demo.
•There are hidden Kuroks all over the place, this is from WW so this is tied to that timeline.



•Giant physics based playground, everything is governed by physics. See a boulder, roll it down a hill, it may crush enemies. Can cross a chasm but see large trees, chop it down to create a bridge.
•Fire reacts like fire. If you have a wood club put it in fire and now you have a fire club to light up enemies. Need to make a fire, cut trees to gather wood, find flint, put the two on the floor, use a metal object to strike the flint it mixes with the wood now you have a camp fire to cook. See withered grass, set it on fire and let the wind spread the fire.
•You can obtain a hand glider to fly around the massive world. You can use hot air from a fire to make the glider rise.
•One item is the magnet, it allows you to manipulate any metal object in the world. See a metal box, cant break it with normal items, pick it up with the magnet and crush it against something. You can located hidden chests under water and make it rise. You can pick up metal platforms and use it to crush enemies. You can throw your sword on the ground, use the magnet to pick it up and then swing it around using your magnet power.
•One item is called stasis it freezes an object in time. See gears moving some platforms or a bridge, freeze it. See giant metal spikes rolling around, freeze it. See a seesaw bridge that doesn't let you cross when too much weight is put on one side, freeze it.
•Stasis can be used to freeze any static object then you can hit the object with your sword or another object which transfers kinetic energy to the frozen object so when the stasis wears off that object will explode in the direction you were hitting it. This can be used to launch boulders into the air like a cannon at enemies.
•You get two kinds of bombs, one is round so it can be rolled and one is square so it can stay in one place. You have unlimted bombs, they are on a timer. All bombs are remotely detonated. You can place a bomb, lure an enemy to it and boom. See an enemy hut with explosive barrels, roll a bomb into it and watch it explode to oblivion. you can use bombs to launch objects the same way you do with stasis.
•There is the water ice maker thing. This lets you turn any body of water into a column of ice. See a gate with a puddle of water under it, raise the water up to raise the gate. An enemy is firing lasers at you while you are in water, create cover by making columns of ice. See a freezing body of water that link will die if he goes in, create the ice pillars so he can jump across.



•Mostly its like WW/TP but with new options. If you dodge at the right time you can do a fury strike which slows things down and allows for a super combo of attacks.
•You can pick up any weapon and use it, they degrade fast so you need to stock up on them. All of it governed by a stats system. Enemies drop weapons too, which you can pick up. Different classes of weapons fight differently like a spear is fast and used for thrust attacks. An axe is slow but powerful. Clubs are big and slow and can be put on fire.
•If you fight a skeleton you can shoot its head off and the body will search for the head, if you destroy one head and anothers body, the one without the body will pick up the head from the other guy and reform. You can also rip off an arm and use the arm as a sword, a sword that is constantly wiggling its hands to reach its body.
•Need to find a shield, killing enemies is best way to find them. Or sneak into their camp as they sleep and steal one.
•You can hop on the shield and use it to sled down mountains.
•Enemies can be scouted with the scope which reveals their health bar, most grunts are easy but the demo had plenty of super hard enemies that link was not ready for.
•Enemies have alert states that are shown with classic MGS ? ! icons. They will investigate sound, which you can keep track of with the sound meter. You can sneak up on enemies and do a stealth kill.
•With the arrow you can do some jump slow motion attack that freezes you in the air to aim and shoot.
•Horse back combat is back and its like TP, you can do combos like jump off horse enter glider then do slow motion arrow attack.
•Need arrows, why not taunt enemies to have them fire arrows at you while you dodge them then pick up those arrows to use against them.
•There was a giant rock monster that did insane damage where link had to climb it to reach its weak point.
•Guardians are all around, not sure what activates them but when they come alive watch out, their laser takes like 8 hearts.
•Red and blue enemies are back just like in Zelda 1. Blue enemies are far harder.

Gathering and cooking

•Tons of stuff to gather around the world. Most of it is food, apples, meat, mushrooms, fish. Use those for health. You will not find hearts around the world.
•If you don't cook stuff you get a small heart increase. Cook meat and it will heal better. If you cook at a campfire its not a big increase, cook at a cooking pot and you get a big boost.
•At a cooking pot you can mix all kinds of ingredients, throw in plants that give better stamina with some apples and other foods and you may make an elixir that gives you more speed for a certain amount of time.
•All experimental, try countless combinations to get different potions and food items that will aid you.
•One mix gives you 4 extra hearts on top of your 3 that stay with you until you get damaged. Great for fighting tough enemies.
•Lots of ore and other resources that seem to be used to craft but that wasn't shown. Lots of stuff says it can be traded in for rupees which like hearts do NOT appear in the world.
•You can cut down grass to look for insects. Hunt boar for meat. Different times of days will bring out different animals.

OMG I cant believe that just happened

•Use the wolf amiibo from TP and wolf link appears in your game and is your companion until it dies. It will hunt for you, attack enemies, and so on.
•The scale of the world is insane, they would use the scope to see a tower far in the distance and then open the map to show where it is, its crazy how vast the world is.
•These shrines have great puzzles, one is a gigantic spinning gear with spikes, you need to freeze the gears in time to jump around. Another had a series of rooms with giant boulders which needed to be pushed. At one point you take control of a giant hammer to smack the boulder. You can use all your skills to solve these, no set solution, multiple ways to solve all puzzles.

Found someone who took screenshots of all the craft items showed during the Tree house stree, website is in french but not the screenshots.


Translated list

Drop monsters and meat
Dishes and potions
Quest items
recipes known

They mentioned it was a different hairstyle. Looks like he has it up in a bun.
Pro Controller compatibility and Off-Tv play should be listed in the first post, they mentioned these features during the treehouse.

@ 18:18 the translator refers to the dev team using different types of vehicles in interesting ways. He says "like the horse basically" after but it felt like it may have been an unintended hint at something more. Or maybe not, idk

Equiping warm clothes

Here your are scoping the enemy camp to check their hp stats.

Source: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=207080051&postcount=1902


Here's the area of the map they've shown this entire time.
This is where you begin, the tutorial area.
Then from there you can jump in any areas that surround it, yes any!

Here's a bit zoomed out.
Here's the entire (?) map.
Couple more things. Here are the stamps you can place on your map to mark where treasure, tuff enemies, weapons etc can be found.
Map tools


Aunoma said this is a game based on the original Legend of Zelda, my dream game. A Zelda game that just drops you into a world and lets you go.

This represents everything video games could be to me. Yeah that game was 8-bit sprites but this is what I saw. This promise that one day we can play through a world like that. Aunoma specifically made the start of this game after that image. You go to the edge of a cliff that looks just like that and they added the twin peak mountains in the distance. They made that image a dream come true.

Why are the things I posted so special, because the way Zelda handles things compared to other games, it is exactly what I want from games. Giant open worlds have been done before, we play them all the time. Games with physics and emergent gameplay are all over, none of this is new. There are game worlds far more detailed than the empty plains of this game. Games with better combat. But no game does it all, no game puts all those elements together. No game focuses on the puzzles, the level design, the moment to moment gameplay where its number one concern is WHAT IS THE PLAYER DOING.

Playing Witcher 3 you are going to get a grand story, maybe that is what you want. You open your map and see hundreds of icons, things to do. It tells you exactly where it is. You stroll along fighting random grunts the same way over and over. Reach the point where you see your goal, if you don't you will hit a button and a giant glowing line will hand hold you to the spot and you just grab what you want. You go into a random cave and its just that a random cave, there wont be anything special, there will be a monster and a treasure that's it. It will be a series of random hall ways and paths with no real design to it. The player is being pushed and guided every step of the way, no real freedom, no real care as to what the player is doing, its purpose is to get you from one story point to another.

Zelda is mostly the opposite of that. No markers at all in the world, you see something you figure out how to reach it. Sometimes you have to solve a series of puzzles to get it, Sometimes you wont even have the item needed to reach it so you mark it and save it for later. YOU do this., you are the one actively searching, not some glowing line, not a stupid marker, YOU. See a shrine, the equivalent of a cave in most open world games of this kind, well here they give you brand new world altering abilities. The ability to manipulate time, water, metal. These shrines are built with specific puzzles to solve, to use your skills in various ways to get the prize. Each one different from the last each hand crafted for a unique gameplay experience. The world is filled with emergent gameplay possibilities, with all kinds of enemies and different ways to combat them. It isn't a rigid set of melee attacks and spells, you can roll a boulder from above, set traps with bombs and fire, you can use items in various ways like using water to create pillars of protection or maybe raise you up into the air so you can come down with a sword strike. This is player freedom, the freedom to make the gameplay your story.

Yeah sure it wont have a big story, who cares, I want to have interesting gameplay, that is why I play. I know Zelda is going to have loads of great mini games, it will have all kinds of varied gameplay moments, it will have massive elaborate dungeons, huge epic boss battles, incredible puzzles. It will have all the elements I want in a game mixed in the exact way I want it mixed. This looks like my dream game.

A few things do worry me, the emptiness of parts of the world. It maybe just for e3 but where are all the NPCs that have small quests, the majoras mask like influence you have on the world. Where are all the fun things you can easily find to do in every corner of the old worlds. Where are the heart pieces? Will the difficulty continue to be a huge problem? Will there be enough major dungeons? Will it be paced well? We shall see but in Nintendo I trust. For now this is easily my most anticipated game.
Played this at E3, and as many of you know I was skeptical as fuck going in

and well...

Game controls effortlessly, few frame drops after running out of stamina or bomb explosions but nothing as bad as the stream they showed the game off with

Playing the demo definitely made me want more of the game, and restored all confidence. It's so pretty, and my god is it vast. Don't know what to say since I am assuming treehouse went over everything I'm guessing but bombs are unlimited now and recharge. You bring them out with L, throw with R or lay it down, and then explode it with L again. ZL is Z-targeting, ZR or R I forget which is for arrows. You can't run and cut grass, but I'm hoping they put it in. Enemies don't hit hard but they have Skyward Sword AI, so they are smarter than previous games?? Most importantly we played the intro and there were like no tutorials, they plop you down tell you about the sheikah stone and you go. Twas dope as fuck.

Also idk how to describe it, but the atmosphere of the game is SO FUCKING UNIQUE it's insane. It's not like elder scrolls, witcher, zelda, etc. It's like an organic discovery video game simulator if that makes sense lmao.

Btw even though camera is free roaming and not fixed I wasn't getting motion sickness from it, so those of you like me who get nauseous from games sometimes you should be a-okay with this game. It was the most impressive game I saw day 1.

Basicly we saw this
Jun 2, 2005
Game is everything I could have ever hoped for from the looks of it.

I think it is going to garner a lot of Game of the Show awards, but a lot of the press is going to complain about time limits on the demo. Hopefully we get an eShop demo of the Plateau somewhere down the road.
Aug 30, 2012
I'm getting MGSV vibes in how the game is so vastly mechanically structured. If the game has the design to make this great, I can see this being one of my dream games. It already has the fantastic looking world going for it. Crazy to think how this particular game brings back the open-ended, adventurous spirit of the very first game.
Apr 7, 2008
I'm getting MGSV vibes in how the game is so vastly mechanically structured. If the game has the design to make this great, I can see this being one of my dream games. It already has the fantastic looking world going for it. Crazy to think how this particular game brings back the open-ended, adventurous spirit of the very first game.
Watch the last shrine trial. Tell me what you think.
Jun 7, 2013
Aw, I love pre-set markers. Oh well, online can help with that.

I also hate weapon degradation.

That said, a largely positive impression thus far!
kinda shitty you can only have the wolf if you buy an amiibo, Legend of Skylanders.

Also boo at fucking weapon degradation, i fucking hate that shit. Everything else looks great though.
The fact you can get weapons from anywhere and so frequently I think will make that a non issue.

It doubt it will be like tw3. Now that shit sucked.
Jun 7, 2004
Looks so good.

Wonder if it is before or after Wind Waker in the timeline...
It never ends up being what people predict. I remember people were convinced TP was going to be a prequel to WW and be about how Hyrule got flooded and Link failing. Instead we got some crazy split timeline thing that no one expected. lol


wishes it were bannable to say mean things about Marvel
Jun 8, 2004
So it's basically a Nintendo Elder Scrolls game in the world of Zelda, but with Nintendo polish and a lot of creative game mechanics?

It looks freaking incredible, honestly. Very impressive.
Apr 7, 2016
Great recap OP. Nintendo went and pulled the complete opposite of EA, I honestly expected a montage of some gameplay snippets and pretentious vague PR speak but damn...that is a shit ton of gameplay.


Jan 19, 2009
I think I finished watching every part of the stream, and I'm in awe. I want this to be my new favorite sandbox experience after Xenoblade X, which is my favorite world in a videogame thus far, and it seems like I'll get it. No annoying companion, open-ended gameplay with tons of possibilities, platforming (!)... I'm more in now than I ever was.

Now, if we get a grappling hook with smooth swinging physics, it's my game of the forever. I'm that gullible.
Aug 10, 2013
The fact you can get weapons from anywhere and so frequently I think will make that a non issue.

It doubt it will be like tw3. Now that shit sucked.
You could get weapons anywhere in that zombie island game, didn't make it any less shitty. If this comes with a guide hopefully you can find a secret weapon with a buttload of durability, I don't want to deal with this.
May 20, 2007
This sounds like exactly what I'd want from a Zelda title, essentially a 3D remake of the original. Here is hoping it plays as good as it has looked thusfar, glad to see that they seemed to be cutting back on the nonsense.
Mar 30, 2010
I am quite erect. This looks fabulous, from the open exploration in a beautiful world (I don't care if it's not packed with stuff in every corner, as long as it's visually satisfying to make traversal a reward in itself) to the combat and rupees not appearing in nature, which will hopefully actually give them some value. I'm hoping people won't only be limited to towns and there'll be some randos wandering around or hiding out by themselves (sort of like the old man, if he's not a one-off) and I'm hoping the Shrines will vary a lot more in aesthetic than the ones we've seen so far, but otherwise, this is looking like almost everything I was hoping for. Nintendo have been churning out some good-but-generic entries in their key series' this gen, so it's cool that Zelda, oversaturated though it is, looks to be getting a major overhaul. Also, the Wolf Link thing is cool as anything, and I find myself sort of wanting one of the amiibos (who doesn't want to be accompanied by a pup?) even though I'm ideologically opposed to them locking gameplay elements behind a paywall.

EDIT: And DUCKS! Who could forget about the ducks?

(Me, I suppose)
Jun 26, 2004
When I saw the graphics, I was really unimpressed. But as I watched more of it, the clear emphasis on fluid, fun gameplay mechanics won me over.