Zone of the Enders: Enders Project announced (ZoE sequel concept, OP fully updated)

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Jun 7, 2004
Final Summary of info

- Enders Project is the next sequel in the Zone of the Enders series.

- Currently it is only a concept they are developing. Kojima says he is extremely busy with his own projects, so a new producer has been assigned to this project. Ryosuke Toriyama (Busou Shinki series) is the Konami producer who is tasked with Enders Project right now, and he is the creative producer.

- The other person working on developing the concept is Yoji Shinkawa, the mecha designer and illustrator for the series.

- So far they have designed the main Orbital Frame, and created a detailed concept scale model for it. The model design has also been converted into CG, and they have successfully rendered it on their internal Fox Engine.

- Nothing else has been decided at this time, but they are exploring all possible avenues to proceed with development of this project. Kojima says that they will be retaining the aspects which make ZoE what it is, including the anime taste mecha action, as well as story concepts like the Metatron. The difference this time is that they are going for a more fantasy style art design, instead of a futuristic one.

- Kojima Productions really, really wants to make a ZoE sequel. Did I mention they REALLY want to make one? Because they do. They really, really do!


More images and photos from Dengeki Online:

Here's a video of the concept model rotating, as well as all 6 concept art pieces at the event:
Pictures from Kojima's twitter

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An important note though. This is no confirmation that this will become an actual game and that it will end up getting made. In the 4Gamer article, they say that Kojima is very serious about wanting to make the game, which is why he is announcing this as an actual ZoE sequel. But right now they are still experimenting with the feasibility of making it, and it is only in the very early stages.


At the Zone of the Enders HD Night event today in Japan, Kojima Productions announced that a new ZoE project is currently in progress. It is dubbed the Enders Project. I don't see many details about what it is at the moment though. The event just ended in Japan moments ago.

Here's a photo:

Edit: More details.

According to Magunus' twitter account (someone who was at the event and is reporting via twitter):!/Magunus

- Enders Project is a sequel to Anubis.
- It is not a futuristic setting, but instead set in an ancient civilization.
- The screen shown was a rendering in the Fox Engine.

He also posted artwork and a scale model which was at the event showing off the new Orbital Frame for Enders Project:

Nov 29, 2011


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Jan 23, 2011
So another audio play. 'SDATCHER' needs the company.

I pray my joke does not come true and it's an actual game
Oct 14, 2011
Well this is good news even though were not sure if it's ZoE 3, so not getting my hopes up yet but it's good to see they are doing something with ZoE which means they are revisiting the franchise again.this can only mean good things in the future.
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