Zune HD is official

Aug 10, 2008

Zune Marketplace Comes To Xbox Live
That's right folks, the Zune HD is real, and it's coming this Fall. Microsoft officially announced the next iteration in their Zune line today, making it less of a tripped out pipe dream, and more of a totally tubular reality. The specs, which look exactly like that leak we saw, go like this: 3.3-inch, 480 x 272 OLED capacitive touchscreen display, built-in HD Radio receiver, HD output (utilizing a new dock -- not on-board), and... not much more right now. Microsoft is doing away with the famed squircle in favor a full multitouch device, and they seemed to indicate that some new touch-friendly apps and games would be headed our way, though they were fairly mum when it came to details. The device will boast an IE-based, customized browser, but little else was said in the way of software.

Details are also scarce concerning storage capacities, CPU performance, and other crucial numbers, but it seems like they've got more in store come E3... and that's the next big piece of news. Zune integration is coming to the Xbox and Xbox Live, as the Zune marketplace will step in to replace the current Live video resources, expanding the library and offering all kinds of new perks, like Zune's first foray into international waters. According to the company, at E3 "attendees will see first-hand how Zune integrates into Xbox LIVE creating a game-changing entertainment experience" -- we're not entirely sure what the means right now, but it sounds sweet. Try to contain your excitement.

Speaking with The Guardian, Microsoft's Chris Stevenson has announced that the Zune Marketplace - and everything available on it - is to be made available to Xbox 360 owners.

The move is part of a growing effort by Microsoft to bring their two "entertainment" devices closer together, and is one which will no doubt heighten speculation that the upcoming ZuneHD, also confirmed by Stevenson (due out in the US this fall), will be a bit more serious as a gaming device.

Making the Zune marketplace available to Xbox Live users means that all the store's content - from music to TV shows to other video content - can now be purchased by Xbox 360 users, with no need for a Zune. It's basically like opening up the Apple Store on the console, except...not quite as good.

Users will be able to stream, rent and download content from the store when it opens in "late autumn" (so late fall), with a variety of pricing and ownership options available.

The catch: the Zune marketplace on 360 won't be available globally. Only the US, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland & Spain will have access to it, so Canadians, Australians and anyone else reading this not on that list, sorry.

We'd expect the finer details of this move to be announced at E3 next week.


Pictures with Balmer of device (thanks Judderman)
Mar 27, 2008
lol @ screws

But also, doesn't something have to display at least a 720p image to be called "HD"? There is no way that screen is spitting out a 720p image.

EDIT: Ahh "HD" Audio. Figures.
I'm shocked as shit Australia NEVER gets access to these services.

All most people fucking DO in this country is download fucking movies and games
mostly illegally
so you'd think they'd be in a hurry to give us Video Marketplace on 360 and PS3.

I'm pretty sure the iTunes store does well down here.
Apr 5, 2006
So any Zune users in this thread run up against dust under the glass screen? I just got a Zune 80 on ebay and it's great except it's hella dusty inside...


Public Health Threat
Jan 9, 2006
Blu_LED said:
But also, doesn't something have to display at least a 720p image to be called "HD"? There is no way that screen is spitting out a 720p image.
It says 'HD Output' which probably suggests that when attached to the dock, the ZuneHD can output HD videos stored on it by hooking it up to a larger display, like a monitor, HDTV, etc.
Aug 31, 2007
I hope they set aside a few and debut them on Woot. Like 1,000 or so at some ridiculous price. Band of Carthaginians style sale.

I'm a tinkerer so I actually prefer having screws on the device. It's not like I'll be staring at the back of it.

Then again it's not all that likely that I'll be buying one in the first place. The software is quite taint smellish.

but zunepass usable on the 360 in games would be nice
Jun 4, 2006
I would expect the screen to be in the center in case they release something you hold sideways, also my touch has a better screen resolution. The would be silly not to implant games to it like the app store and that's why I worry about the screen not being dead center for horizontal holding.


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Nov 30, 2007
Looks nice. WTF do they mean by HD audio? 24 bit 192KHz sound quality? Or CD quality? If it's 24bit 192KHz they sure as shit better have a 2 terabyte drive in there. If it's not 24bit 192Khz, with the ability to deliver music in that native quality from the masters, then calling it HD is bunk. And what the hell is HD radio anyway? Most likely it's just more BS HD nonsense to dilute the meaning of the acronym.

Also I think it's awesome that it's got screws instead of some BS like the ipod where changing the battery can often condemn your ipod to death.

If the get XBLA games working on it, I'd be in. I highly doubt that's happening though. However going forward they could require games to support zune. Again unlikely though. Hopefully they can open up the community stuff to this service, whatever it is.