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WARNING: Make no further updates to your Wii console if you intend to install channels to your console. Download the WAD uninstaller so you can remove them from your console should you ever wish to do so

- SD Card
- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
- Twilight Hack
- Waninkoko's WAD Installer

Step 1 - Create a folder called "wad" on your SD card and place the WAD file you have downloaded inside it.

Step 2 - Rename Waninkoko's WAD Installer as "boot.elf" and place it in the root of your SD Card

Step 3 - Transfer the Twilight Hack gamesave to your SD Card
Follow the instructions found here to do so

Step 4 - Load up Twilight Princess and load the game save
Now walk up to the character in front of you and talk to him or run towards the screen. You will see a bunch of text, like a DOS command prompt as the channel installs. Providing there are no errors, you will be prompted to press the RESET button on your console. Eventually the installation is complete and the console resets, returning you to the Wii Menu, complete with newly installed channel.