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NeoGAF Gold

Elevate yourself with Instant Updates, ad-free browsing, and a thoroughly gilded premium experience. Elevate your community by supporting ongoing development for features site-wide. Sparkle like a fanfiction vampire, and don't worry about what happened to the girl in that Bond movie. NeoGAF members go for Gold, not the participation trophy.

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NeoGAF Gold Features

Ad-Free Browsing

  • Works for any device you're logged in to
  • Get straight to the content that matters most
  • See NeoGAF the way it's meant to be seen

Instant Updates (beta)

  • Automatically see new posts
  • No need to refresh your browser
  • Smooth scrolling animation

Custom Profile Cover

  • Upload your own cover image
  • Visible on profile hovers too
  • Solid color options also available

Gold Username and Gold Member Title

  • Get the recognition you deserve
  • Others will be insanely jealous
  • Bragging rights included

Special Achievement

  • Unlocks after signing up
  • Increase your NeoGAF points!
  • Bragging rights optional

More Features Coming Soon

  • Beta test new site features
  • More information coming soon
  • Have an idea? Let us know!

NeoGAF Gold FAQs

How much does NeoGAF Gold cost?
NeoGAF Gold is $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year.*

How do I cancel NeoGAF Gold?
Cancellation is easy and can be done at any time. Simply head over to your account page, click on NeoGAF Gold, and select "Cancel".

What happens if I get banned?
Banned users will have their recurring subscription automatically cancelled. Users with more than 31 days remaining on their subscription will receive a pro-rated refund upon request.

Can I give NeoGAF Gold as a gift?
Yes! You can gift gold to a specific member from their profile. You can also gift another user's post to highlight it.

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