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(01-27-2010, 06:05 PM)
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Hi guys, yesterday we got the new playstation magazine in Holland and had a huge 8 pages coverage about FFXIII and also a 2 pages interview with Yoshinori Kitase. He had something interesting to say about a question that you guys might like:

Is the European version identical to the Japanese version or will the western version get extra content for the long wait?

Kitase: At first we had plans to release the game simultaneously worldwide, so we had the intention to deliver identical version between the regions. When we noticed that we wouldn't make it, we decided to release the game as fast as possible in the west after its release in Japan. We initially had doubts to add extra content to the western version but then it would have taken the international version more months of delay. We did prepare a DLC but it will arrive a little later in the west.

DLC?! I'm not sure if you guys already know or spoke about a DLC being officially confirmed. I got the issue today and wondering what kind of DLC it will be.