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(Six or seven people requested a Wall of Shame.)

Situation: A beloved IP, Bayonetta, is dead. The likelyhood of a revival seems astronomically miniscule. Out of nowhere, Nintendo funds development of a sequel, instantly reviving the revered franchise from certain oblivion.

The immediate response of certain enthusiasts was as follows...

Originally Posted by spons

Hope this goes multiplatform.

Originally Posted by BadWolf

Is this exclusive?

Fuck, I have zero intention of buying this console. Fuck.

Originally Posted by Astral

What a bunch of assholes. Why an exclusive? I don't wanna spend $200 or so just to play this.

Originally Posted by drizzle

Is it Wii U Exclusive? If true then vaderno.jpg

Originally Posted by Beck

Please don't be exclusive.

Originally Posted by GuardianE

Exclusive? I sure as hell hope not.

Originally Posted by Vanille

exclusive? no no no no no fuck

Originally Posted by The_Monk

There's no way it will be a Wii U Exclusive, hehehehehe........ RIGHT?

EDIT: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Originally Posted by Genesis Knight

Core gamers don't want to buy WiiU because at this point it appears to be at a graphical level of consoles they already have. Now they're pissed that they're being asked to shell X dollars for what they see as redundant technology...just to play games that they expected to get on their platform of choice next-gen.

Originally Posted by N30RYU

Hope PS4 and 720 release soon enough before nintendo get more exclusivities.

Originally Posted by TGO

Well thats a big fuck you to the fanbase, looks like if ya a Bayonetta fan and had no intention getting a Wii U ya gonna have to buy one just to play the sequal to a game you got one PS360, could understand if it was Nextgen graphics and all that but it'll probably be the same as if it was on PS360
bet it'll be really good too
Nevermind :-(

Originally Posted by Genesis Knight

I guess I'd be shocked if this didn't end up on other platforms in some guise at some point next generation. Still, I won't be buying a WiiU so as a Bayonetta fan it will suck if I turn out to be wrong. I'm sure Nintendo fans and future WiiU owners are happy as hell and feeling pretty cocky, though.

Originally Posted by maomaoIYP

Wii U exclusive? WTF at this shit.

Originally Posted by zerokoolpsx

Wasn't interested in a Wii U before the news. Still not gonna get the console. Gonna cry in a corner now.

Originally Posted by murderofMonkey

really great news that the ip is still alive, but the desicion for the console is somehow pittyfull

Originally Posted by santi_yo

I hope we can get a Bayonetta 2 Sigma or something.

An attempt at fabricating a narrative that doesn't actually exist:

Originally Posted by ViewtifulJC

Nintendo fanboys: We don't need games like Watch_Dogs, it doesn't even look that good. 3rd party support like that isn't needed for Nintendo to succeed

Nintendo: Look, we got Bayonetta 2.


More quotes:

Originally Posted by Pyccko

Man, I... I really want to be happy, I do, but I don't want a WiiU.
Best and worst day rolled into one. ;___;

Originally Posted by hwalker84

You've gotta be kidding me!!!! No way I'm getting a WiiU just for one game.

Originally Posted by Aesthet1c

What the fuck is this shit.

Go ahead and laugh, I guess it's cool to make fun of everyone who is upset this is a Wii-U exclusive.

Bayonetta is one of my favorite games of all time and I have no intention of buying a Wii-U... I wouldn't mind if it was a Microsoft or Sony exclusive because at least they still have other games to play on their system that are in the vein of Bayonetta.

Putting Bayonetta 2 exclusively on a family friendly Mario console is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard of.

Originally Posted by Masakari666

I don't buy consoles to play 1 exclusive game. Not anymore at least.

Like I said, WiiU only appeals to people who like Nintendo games... and that's pretty much it.

Originally Posted by waypoetic

Lol. No. I'm not buying a silly ass Nintendo console because of this game. Total suicide on their part - they'd sell tons and tons more on PS360.

Originally Posted by TheBioLover

Oh ffs. I wanted this on PS3/360. Please God make it get ported.

Originally Posted by Trickster


Bayonetta is one of my favourite games this gen, but I'm not buying a console for it

Originally Posted by PinkCrayon

Why do this to me Plat? WHY?!

Originally Posted by Heysoos

Well, guess I'm never playing Bayonetta 2. :(

Originally Posted by Jigsaw

they have so many franchises people want sequels for years now,why not making a new starfox,super metroid or mario 64-2

why do they have to steal our games?and that's exactly what they do,taking a beloved 3rd party franchise and making it exclusive so others can't play it is stealing

Originally Posted by Mxrz

Can't say I'm thrilled about it. The first game was fun enough (skip cutscenes) but not to the point I'm suddenly wanting a Wii-U. I'd probably bought a PS360 copy. Its good for the Nintendo-only types, and bayo fans that were already picking up a Wii-U, not sure about everyone else.

Not crazy about money-hatting when any company does it and limits my options. But I imagine this was a good deal for the Devs.

I bought, played, and nearly platinum'ed the first game. I reckon I'll voice my disappointment of it being exclusive to hardware I don't plan to buy if I want to.

Originally Posted by The Crusty Juggler

I think they will port it to the next gen consoles under a different name. I hope so anyway.

Originally Posted by Robot Pants

Shit better come to PC eventually...or some other console.

Originally Posted by Kayo-kun

I really enjoyed Bayonetta, but I have no interest in buying Wii U so I'll probably won't play the sequel. Console exclusive games (which aren't first party) is so last gen, especially since the first game sold well on PS3/360 and established somewhat of an userbase.

Originally Posted by NoirVisage

yes, the salt it typical, if it wasn't Nintendo, it would be for whatever other console they didn't own, but the Nintendo Zealotry sticsk out more because its exclusive to Nintendo fans. You guys seriously have a problem with people NOT wanting a nintendo console.

Originally Posted by Arklite

Fucking exclusive? Really? Not even the original ended up being exclusive despite being designed with only one console in mind.
Holding out for hope.

Originally Posted by Masakari666

I don't buy consoles to play 1 exclusive game. Not anymore at least.

Like I said, WiiU only appeals to people who like Nintendo games... and that's pretty much it.

Originally Posted by Corky

Yeah so this what it feels like to fall in love and have your heart broken within 60 seconds.

(following quote is in response to the quote above)

Originally Posted by insmileoutblood

This. Exactly this.

Out of EVERY game to be Wii U exclusive...

Final batch of quotes:

Originally Posted by ~Devil Trigger~


my first P+ disappointment.

Originally Posted by djplaeskool

Wii U Exclusive?

Originally Posted by Raonak

Haven't seen a good Betraylaton for a while.

:( please be timed exclusive.

Originally Posted by zlatko

I came.... Why must it be an exclusive?! :(

Originally Posted by IHaveIce

Cool a Bayonetta sequel, but only for Wii U :/ ok I guess, but this means no money from me.

But cool that Nintendo publishes it

Originally Posted by Hix

Money-hat by Nintendo, though you'd think they'd have picked a more popular franchise.

Originally Posted by BadWolf

Very angry right now.

It was multi-platform before, I don't see why they decided to fuck a lot of the fans (I want to say most).

Guess its the money, but whatever, eff this.

Originally Posted by Killroycantkill

Ugh! I couldn't be more divided on this annoucnement. As much as I want a Bayonetta 2, I don't want a god damn Wii U. I hope this is some timed exclusive bs becuase I don't know what Platinum Games is thinking putting their best and most "hardcore" franchise on a console whos little bro was known for being so casual. I don't know what type of audience they think is going to buy the Wii U.

Originally Posted by Finalow

what the fuck indeed.
but exclusive? Fuck no.

Originally Posted by Ryaaan14

God dammit it's going to be impossible to find someone to borrow a WiiU from to play this shit.

Originally Posted by Palette Swap

Ugh. Fucking torn.

Guess I'll wait and see.

(edit for clarity: the platform is half the tearing, the director is the other half)

Originally Posted by 2&2


Originally Posted by Takuya

Meh, still not enough reason to buy into WiiU with the next-generation Playstation and XBOX looming around the corner. It's disappointing that it "seems" as though this game is exclusive to WiiU, but what can you do, you can't play all of them!

Originally Posted by Lucc

i would have given them infamous, resistance, halo and i wouldn't care less.. but.. but why did it have to be Bayonetta?

Originally Posted by Mileena

I'm so salty. I wanted to play this :(

Originally Posted by swampjesus

Don't worry. Baypnetta will be B-produced quick money get scheme thing. They quickly recycle first game's mechanics and invent cheesy story.

No real inventions here. It will be boring.

Originally Posted by Aesthet1c

he Wii-U looks like the same Wii garbage. It's a system with a gimmicky controller that will have great Mario and Zelda games, and a rare amount of good third party games. Mario and Zelda games don't interest me as much as they did in the N64 days and prior, and I have no intention of buying a Wii-U for one game.

I really don't see myself being able to afford multiple next gen consoles so even though I love Bayonetta, I'd rather put my money on a system I can expect to have more games to my liking.

I understand Nintendo is willing to put the money up for this, but that doesn't mean nobody else would have. If Nintendo didn't green light this already someone else would have in the next couple years no doubt. I'm just disappointed they were the ones to snatch it up.

Originally Posted by RaGMasTeR90

FUCK! WHY is this exclusive to Wii U???? DOES NOT make any sense! MAAAn im so angry right now :(

A reminder, for history, that the above responses were these gamers gratitude for the unexpected resurrection of a dead franchise that they apparently love.