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Here's the mail I send them

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With the recent news about Pandora's Tower localization is really hard not asking for another great game that has not reached our continent yet, I'm talking about Project Zero 2 (known as Fatal Frame 2 in America), I wonder if the comapny would bring this game over here, it seems you have build a loyal niche fan base that seek your releases on Wii, now that your relationship with Nintendo seems quite close, there are chances for Project Zero 2?

Thanks, for Pandora's Tower and Last Story!

-Sebastián Barrera

Originally Posted by XSEED

Hello Sebastian,

Afraid that we have no intention of trying to publish any Fatal Frame titles. Speaking to Tecmo Koei America is going to be your best bet for that title.

Ken @ XSEED Games

Seems like I will have to import u_u