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angular graphics
(10-03-2013, 10:28 AM)
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It was Uber Entertainment's turn to play with the controller and they loved it.

Spent some time at Valve playing with Steam Controller. Played Portal 2, Dark Souls and X-Com. It felt good.

Moving the mouse around in X-Com using the Steam controller and having it go exactly where I wanted felt good. Like a trackball with feedbak

Everything on the Steam controller is configurable to specific games.

The haptic feedback makes a big difference to get fine controls

I think based on what we played with today, Planetary Annihilation in the living room with a Steam controller is possible.

@Ekanaut Could you see playing League of Legends on it? Or StarCraft? Those sorts of games are the real test.

@BenKuchera I think you could but it depends on your skill level. It's not quite there yet and they're still tweaking the controller.

@Ekanaut What did you think of the haptic feedback? Some devs have said it makes it feel like you're pressing real buttons. Is this true?

@Goodgreenganja Yeah it felt good. It's also a real button that you can click down.

@Ekanaut Is it able to actually apply force to your thumb, i.e. how an analog stick pushes your thumb back to the center?

@Goodgreenganja not like that. There's a pulse everytime you move your thumb across it. Move it slow slow pulse, move it fast, fast pulse

@Ekanaut ...actually "feel" the buttons. Like did the haptics change depending on whether your thumb was on a "button" or not?

@Goodgreenganja uh, nope nothing magical like that. The whole pad is a click but I didnt play any games that used different parts of the pad

@Ekanaut That controller looks like trash.No way its good.Nice try tho

@wright1216 It's a prototype work in progress and not the final look but works great. I know this is hard for you to understand.

Steam controller is rad. The overall shape fits my hands perfectly. Better than PS3, PS4, or 360 even. Can't wait to see more.

The new steam controller is officially awesome. I can see playing lots of PA for many hours.