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(12-10-2013, 06:56 PM)
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Strider (XboxOne, X360, PS4, PS3, PC)
• Guiding the visual aesthetics of VFX from the beginning of the project to help create the look and style.
• Responsible for the creation of all VFX in game. (characters, environments, cinematics, destruction events, etc…)
• Working alongside our TnT group & Gameplay Programmers to push functional and flexiablity for artist using our Shader systems.

Unannounced Action Shooter (Next Gen, PC)
• Responsible for guiding visual direction with Creative Director and Art Director for the games investigation system. Providing visual documention/concepts for our Tnt group to develop new shaders, extensive R&D, to prototyping functional in test boxes, to completion of the system in game.
• Development of high quality textures/particles for various effects such as smoke, energy, plasma, disintegration, electricity and explosions using third party software such as Maya fluids and photoshop and proprietary tools.
• Worked with our TnT group alongside Gameplay Programmers to create new systems/features with Fullscreen Effects and Shader systems.


Couldn't find anyone else that mentioned it but at least it doesn't seem like its cancelled.