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Originally Posted by brandonh83

It's called Resident Evil and began and kept going as a horror series for a long time and only really want away from that a few times-- and even those had horror elements. It can be an action game in gameplay but it's absolutely a horror-centric franchise and needs those elements. If you're going to change it to the point where it's nothing like its namesake just make a new franchise.

I don't really buy make a new franchise argument. Making a new IP takes works. Makes sense to just ride of the coat tails of success. I don't see why a series can't be more than one thing. I think characters and such are more important to an identity than anything else. I don't need to be scared while playing a RE game for it to be RE. Spinoff or mainline.

Originally Posted by Dance Inferno

Personally I would just continue their three main series that they seem to have going:

Mainline action series (RE4 - RE5 - RE6) for the amazingly over the top Mercs zombie shooting action (and I guess there's also a campaign or whatever)

Mid-tier survival horror series (Rev1 - Rev2) that dampens the action in favor of item management and horror/suspense

Old school remake series (REmaster - RE0master - RE2master) that brings back all the old school RE and then hopefully results in an internal Capcom team that creates brand new old school RE games

That would be my ideal scenario.

This is more or less what I agree with. At this point keep the mainline action more or less. That's where all the sales are, so no reason to risk it there. Then with the success of the mainline use that for the other tiers to keep hardcore fans who will play anything more game inbetween and to appease the other wants of the series.