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(02-07-2016, 10:31 PM)
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i enjoy most of the resident evils and the current resident evil universe

so i would like to once again say that when you ask for a true reboot you show that don't understand that rebooting into an overused scenario (in terms of exposure across media as a whole) would not change how capcom would design their games, at all
nor would it widen the scope of potential things they could do in regards to any type of functional design for environments or enemies- there is no real advantage of doing so
it is not the world they've built that determines the action focus of the games, it's the market and nothing will change that until RE2make sells more than RE5/6 or whatever

what you should be asking for is a focused, quality game because RE6 was the most unfocused mess i have ever seen- what matter is the scenario if the game sucks shit?

also to note, survival horror and action horror are both genres- REmake is the king of the former and the latter includes stuff like RE4/5/6, REV2, dead space 1/2 and whatnot
horror is not a genre in it's own right- it's a set dressing and it is extremely important that RE keeps it because it's part of the classic formula of what makes any truly great action flick great- see terminator 1/2s and aliens 1-3, dawn of the dead 2004 and whatever else