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Coronavirus Global Pandemic |OT| Wuhan!! Got You All In Check


former Navy SEAL
Sep 10, 2006
This is related to Covid so why would I give a fuck about the average agf of Sweden‘s population or the quality of their healthcare system. This is exactly why excess mortality is used as a key figure and not overall mortality. And for this relevant key figure s opposed to your irrelevant one it was the deadliest year since 1918.
Do you English? It's not about age or quality of healthcare. It's about how many people are dying in a year per capita. 2020 will land at about 2012-2013 level for Sweden. Meaning all the years before that, more people were dying each year, adjusted for population size. Meaning almost every year of the past 100 years was deadlier. 2020 would have likely seen a bump in mortality without Covid, considering they had 3 record low years in a row 2017-2019. It would have been much smaller, and the mortality increase in 2020 is undoubtedly historic. It just isn't that bad, though. You can't actually be this dumb, right? I feel like you are just refusing to grasp this very basic concept. 2020 was still a historically great year for total number of people dead in Sweden because any given person had a much lower chance of dying than throughout most of history, with only a few exceptions, and those exceptions are of a minimal difference.


Aug 1, 2020

Seems like the dam is breaking.
It is. I'm gonna throw my hat in the "little too soon" ring. I get mental health. I get social outings. I get it I get it I get it. But we are so close. I would've blown the flood gates open like... Mid April ish? Seems reasonable based on the trends. Get those cases and deaths looooow low. And then we can cautiously dip our foot back in the lovely hot tub that is normal life. But right now? Ehhhhh. I mean, I would LOVE to be wrong and hope we see a continued case decline with these limitations removed but I'm not so sure.

Time will tell.
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Neighbours from Hell
Nov 13, 2013
I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine a little over a week ago. Other than a sore arm, I had no other side effects. Felt great afterwards. Which is different than my experience with the first dose where I had a mild headache and nothing else.

My sister-in-law, however, had to take the day off of work after her second shot. It completely zapped the energy out of her. But she was perfectly fine the next day.
I was supposed to get an email today that has the info for my 2nd shot on there. It's usually the same date and same Rite Aid, it was for everyone I talked to who got theirs that way, but it's not guaranteed. A handful of my family members got theirs at Rite Aid and got their email the next day, I never got mine. Gonna call em if I don't get it tomorrow.