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What, are you listening too?


Aug 18, 2018
Sorry not to post videos, but I still love the album format. Not big into listening to a really good song 100 times over out of context.

So listening now,

Sleater-Kinney The Center Wont Hold
Loving it

Lana Del Rey- Norman Fing Rockwell.
Not sure yet, only a couple of listens in.

Carpenters with the Royal....
It is the Carpenters. They were excellent and still hold up

Nirvana Live and loud
This was an MTV concert as far as I can remember, and Pearl Jam was also supposed to also play, but withdrew for some reason. Anyway, it is probably the best sounding live record post In Utero, that is not MTV Unplugged. They are not doing the acoustic thing, so it is a really compelling live performance just a bit before Kurt took his life.

And after I get past those albums, I am moving onto the new Tool album.
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Sep 4, 2018

The Flaming Lips - Hit to Death in the Future Head

Clouds Taste Metallic
will always be my first and true love for this band but this album might actually be the best. i will always have a place in my heart for DIY trippy noisey stoner rock.

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