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What, are you listening too?

May 8, 2016
A week or two ago, this Black Sabbath box set arrived by mail! It's called the Black Box: 1970-2017, which unofficially contains all of Black Sabbath's album releases from the aforementioned years!

Having been familiar with the Ozzy era Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell, their first album with Dio on vocals already, I started listening to the albums starting from Mob Rules, the second Dio album they recorded...that one was pretty good! My favorite so far of the albums I discovered thanks to this collection is The Eternal Idol, their first album with Tony Martin on vocals.

For anyone curious to give it a listen...you're welcome!
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Sep 4, 2018

fun fact: Takako Minekawa is the woman who says "Playstation" in all the famous ads. most people don't know she's also a badass experimental musician.
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Lionel Richie

Jun 22, 2014

So I'm half drunk listening to some Guns n Roses and I can't stop laughing about how terrible of a job Axl does in the first verse of this song. How the fuck didn't they record this again? They should have edited that shit out. The song itself is so weird, it's all over the place and I absolutely ADORE the Elton John pastiche it becomes midway through. They don't make them like them used to, even bad (mainstream) music back in the day was MILES AHEAD of regular good (mainstream) music today.
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Apr 28, 2017
I have been on a country kick, first time ever. I even went to this guy's show, he is really good. I recorded these on my phone so excuse the audio. I like his sound, definitely not like pop country