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Respawn Entertainment
(02-15-2014, 04:01 AM)
FYI everyone, these types of problems are exactly why we're running a beta - to expose problems at scale greater than what we can get ourselves or even with something like the closed Alpha. This wasn't a capacity issue (at our peak playercount we weren't close to hitting the ceiling), its a bug. The goal is to find all these things before people have dropped money on buying the game - launch day needs to be as smooth as possible :)

Oh, and for all the speculation going on about the 360 version. Its coming along really well, Bluepoint is full of phenomenally talented devs. We (being Respawn) have been pushing for them to have all the time they need to make it as good as possible, which means extra time for them to polish it up. We'd all like it to be day and date, but a better game a few weeks later is better than an unfinished one earlier.