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An Ubisoft dev said the following on 4chan forums:

"Egypt. There won't be an AC in 2016. You may screencap this and refer to it when nothing is shown in E3 2016. You'll have to wait until 2017 for it. The reason: It will be a complete revamp of the series. The game is going for a Witcher feel, with player progression, freeform combat system. Horse is back, and boats too. It's made by the Black Flag team. You may leave any question you want answered."

Well, lets hope the best.

and yeah, take this with a lot grain of salt


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Found the original 4chan thread. There a few more post from him where he answers questions.

Added a temporary trip

Ancient Egypt. They want the least amount of historical documentation to get freedom. The story is set before the Assassins and Templars even existed. This is basically a prequel to all ACs.

Think Black Flag. IE, not much to climb outside of villages.

lol that was a game being made between Prince of Persia and AC. It was cancelled and most of its tech was used in AC.

This one has a lot more story than any of the rest. Going back to Ancient Egypt means they can do whatever they want, without "historical accuracy" to hold them back.

Can't take that risk. Screencap my claim and wait for the glaring absence of AC in E3 2016.

I believe the next one is going to have a lot less recycling, which is nice.

You play as a slave or ex-slave. He looks a lot like Altair, but with a darker skin (like this guy >>322510112). He is not edgy, from my understanding. He's a nobody that barely speaks.

The biggest difference about this one is how colorful it looks. Like holy fuck, blue skies, lush vegetations and desert sequences where you get mirage and shit. Also you have a pet eagle you can control.

Forget Prince of Persia. It will never come back. The reason why AC exists at all is because PoP meant Ubi has to pay for license, since they don't own the IP. AC is Ubi's own IP, so merchandising and all that shit is theirs to keep. PoP is financially not worth it.

No, the world is made from scratch. No recycling. The only recycling is animation and even then, this one will change most of it. As far as recycling goes, this next one will have the least amount of it.

PC, PS4 and Xbone. Not sure if they'll ever port it to whatever Nintendo makes next.

They might do that and sell it when the AC movie is out in 2016

No one works on consoles anymore. Only programmers and technical directors have console devkits. The rest work on PC since the ports to consoles are so easy with the new gen.
The average pc is an i7 64gb ram and 670gtx
Depending on your needs, you may have a more powerful one.

When you put it like that, it sounds even better

It's not naval combat. It's just a means of navigation and some have interiors you can enter for quests.

illustrator/artist. I have no fucking clue what the movie is about, save for the fact that it's not related to the games at all. I think it happens in Spain or something. Don't quote me on i

I have no idea. A bit less, I think. The focus is more on adventure

There is an attachment to history, course. It's fucking AC, it's part of the design.

I might be wrong. The original game included Greece, which you can travel to. But it was cut from the game due to scale issues. So the naval side is now a mystery to me. There are talks about making a trilogy of this same character, so they might explore Greece/Rome next.

Funny you ask. I'm playing MGSV while replying to this thread. It's my favorite series but this game is so repetitive. I can't bring myself to finish it. I just switched to Bloodborne now.

Prototyping and creating art benchmarks

No idea

No, never.

Not sure about FC, but it's about 3 times Black Flag. Unlike BF, you don't have to load cities. Everything is seameless.

Thanks for the talk guys. See you all at E3 for those who screencapped this thread. I hope the movie does not turn out to be shit, but who am I kidding.

Also, happy new year.

Forgot one post. The last part is his answer to why there is no AC in the Japan/China setting.

Not sure yet, it's still in the works. Not even close to Alpha yet.

None of that in the working place. Honestly, there is no fucking talk about SJW and other nonsense at work. The media blows this shit way out of proportion.

Oh by the way, online (COOP) is completely cut from the series for the time being. Not sure it will ever come back, to be honest.

Fuck if I know. Everyone wants it, but I have no idea why they don't do it. The people in charge seem to think the mechanics don't work in that setting. I kind of understand, though. You have to redesign the character and his/her controls from scratch. That means you cannot recycle animations and other systems. Every AC game is fucking expensive to make. So recycling is essential. Without it, other things will be sacrificed.