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(11-08-2011, 07:55 AM)
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E-mails just got sent out to "top DMC players" especially based in the UK area. Here's the e-mail:

Originally Posted by Ninja Theory


I’m part of the team currently developing the new Devil May Cry title at Ninja Theory and I wanted to get in touch to see if you’d like to come in and play the game. Essentially I’m inviting in a very select few really top end DMC players to come and play through a section of the game and talk to some of our team about your experience.

We’ll pay for travel to and from the studio and will also provide lunch.

Let me know if this sounds of interest and I can give you some more details.



One of my known DMC contacts received one as well and he's based in the UK. This probably went out to DMC players especially UK based who are basically known DMC veterans (trust me on this the guy who got this was pretty big into the DMC3 scene).

This is HUGE NEWS for DmC as it shows that they actually want feedback from top DMC players and it shows that the game is actually being fine tuned for high level DMC play. Some of the people who may receive the e-mail might not be able to go for the test (like myself) but others might and that's why I posted this thread.

So yeah.... good job to Ninja Theory on this. This is exactly the type of feedback that made DMC3 godlike which was feedback from top players. LHK would be proud although I don't even think he can go because he isn't UK based either.

Also someone please translate this page as well as it contains new DmC information: