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(01-03-2013, 03:22 AM)
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I don't know if this was posted yet, but this Ghostayame interview is actually fairly interesting:


Also, on paper, Virgin's statement earlier sounds like it could be interesting. Is there anything on this so called "Tournament" app or hub for Xbox Live? Is it internationally available, regional, or otherwise? I wouldn't mind better Leaderboard/Roster/Tournament capabilities and info integrated right into the console, and that's at least what it sounds like where they want it to get to. So there's some sort of disagreement it seems on whether or not MLG is either allowed to do LAN for Halo 4, or they won't do it without explicit support for Microsoft, or whatever the reason is. It would be nice to see MORE tournaments, and MORE leagues in the future... I'm not too familiar with Virgin Gaming, but I have heard a few times that they've dropped certain tournaments on a dime or what have you, so I'm taking it all with a grain of salt at this point.