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(03-28-2013, 02:06 PM)
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Thought this deserved its own thread.

Source is NintendoWorldReport, thanks to Mpl90 for heads up

The social network will be more deeply integrated with games.

Nintendo is planning updates to Miiverse functionality, including the ability to more deeply integrate the social network with Wii U games.

The Miiverse API will be updated in a future version of the Wii U Software Development Kit to include features to improve interactions within games, producer Kiyoshi Mizuki revealed in his GDC talk.

Full story is at the link. Summary:
  • Players will be able to send and receive comments in-game.
  • Players will be able to see 'Yeahs' in-game.
  • They can follow users, and see who users are following in-game.
  • Users will be able to launch games from Miiverse Posts
  • Launch buttons on Miiverse posts can contain program arguments, so it will be possible to boot directly to a certain level or menu in a game
  • Can work with online datastore for additional functionality
  • Mizuki posited the potential application of level editing and sharing via Miiverse;
    envisions a game where users bring the game to life (sounds very LBP)
  • User Sub-Communities (like Mario Kart 7's) are coming to Miiverse
  • Can be used to organise and hold tournaments
  • First game to use them is Wii Fit U
  • Nintendo is canvassing developers for anything else they'd like to see in the API

This stuff sounds like it will definitely improve games

Better communication without suspending the game?

GAF communities and other communities, privately match-making with one another?

This one should make Miiverse broadcasted game-invites possible