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Any hopes that this will be a more traditional sort of BoF game but on mobile and PC goes right out of the window with the preview.

- No "complex command menus" for combat
- "Fast and intuitive" touch controls
- You create a character and control him in realtime, there are AI-driven party members
- Timing based combo attacks


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Inside Games' report has a few tidbits:
-The game will have a deep storyline and a rich world, as you'd expect from a numbered entry.
-The battle system is simple and easy to play since it gets rid of complicated commands, however, the battle system is still very deep.
-The basis of the battle system is using the skills you have along with the ones of your "fellows" (the other AI controlled party members) in quick succession to create combos.
-The terrain you do battle in apparently also factors in your strategy somehow.
-The main character in BoF6 has the "Power of the Dragon", and you can customize it by changing sex, face, hairstyle and such.
-Character growth is different from the previous entries, here the abilities and the "memorized skills" (actually I'm not sure what this is, maybe there's a Master system or something in place? 覚えるスキル) have special traits in them, presumably stat boosts and such.
-Fellows can be either humans, fairies, felines or "grassrunners" (this is how the humans with animal features like Momo have been called in localized BoF games)
-The online component revolves around rebuilding Dragnir Village, which was destroyed by the Schwarz Empire. Each player can rebuild it as s/he sees fits, but there's also a cooperative element to it where you can travel to other players' villages and help them out by intercepting attacking enemies.

Over a thousand years have passed since the battle of the young boy who held the power of the dragon.

Surviving the desertification of the world, people strongly hope for a new age.
Though they carry a seemingly peaceful life, behind the scenes the Schwarz Empire has been taking over small countries one after another.
The main character living in a small peaceful village is suddenly attacked by the Schwarz Empire, unable to escape...

Schwarz Empire:
Originally a small country located in the northern side of the continent, by using ancient weapons and the Power of the Black Dragon they gained an overwhelming military advantage and conquered many countries in a few years.

Dragnir Village:
One of the remaining villages that follow the "legend/tradition of the dragon" (or something like that)
This is where the main character lives before being destroyed by the Schwarz Empire.

Vice Kingdom:
Dragnir Village's neighbor kingdom, also follows the legend/tradition of the dragon.
At war with the Schwarz Empire.

Early Dawn Forest:
A forest that mysteriously survived the desertification of the world.
The legend says these are the grounds where the dragon resides.

A descendant of the people who danced in the heavens.
After the destruction of Windia she set out on a journey.

A girl with gorgeous green hair.
She encountered and helped the wounded main character per chance after coming across Dragnir Village just as it was being attacked.