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2014 FIFA World Cup Final |OT| Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 after extra time

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venison crêpe

Germany v Argentina - Sunday, 13th of July 2014 - 16:00 local.
The Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


- This is the third World Cup final between Argentina and Germany (including West Germany). Argentina won the first 3-2 in 1986 but were defeated 1-0 at the 1990 tournament.
- Victory in 1986 is Argentina's only previous World Cup win in six matches against the Germans, and they were eliminated by them at both the 2006 and 2010 tournaments.
- Their overall World Cup record against Germany or West Germany is W1, D2, L3, although one of those draws was a quarter-final in 2006 which the Germans then won on penalties.
- Argentina's 4-0 defeat to Germany in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup is their heaviest defeat at the tournament since 1974.
- The most recent meeting was a friendly in Frankfurt in August 2012 which Argentina won 3-1.

- This will be the eight time Germany or West Germany have appeared in a World Cup final - a new record. They have won three and lost four of the previous seven finals.
- A fourth victory would see them match Italy's tally - only five-time champions Brazil have a better record.
- A win would mean they become the first European side to win the World Cup in the Americas.
- The Germans have lost more finals (four) than anyone else. That includes three defeats in their last four final appearances.
- Germany are unbeaten in their last 17 internationals (W12, D5). Their last defeat was a 4-3 loss to the USA in a friendly in June 2013.
- In Thomas Muller's 12 World Cup appearances he has scored 10 goals and assisted six more.

- La Albiceleste have kept four clean sheets at this World Cup - a joint-high with Netherlands - and have yet to concede a goal in the knock-out stage.
- Lionel Messi has created 21 chances at the 2014 World Cup, more than any other player.
- Messi has failed to score in his last three games. He has not gone four international matches without a goal since Alejandro Sabella took charge of Argentina in August 2011.
- Argentina were eliminated by Germany at the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. No team has ever been eliminated by the same opponents in the knock-out stage of three successive World Cups.
- Argentina's squad has an average age of just under 29 - if they win they will replace Italy (2006) as the oldest World Cup winners.
- They are the only team who have yet to fall behind at the 2014 World Cup.

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Enjoy the Final!


Don't like Argentina but really want Messi to perform.

Unfortunately I don't think that'll be enough to win the game. 3-1 Germany.


Pretty hyped for today's game
Still thinking Germanys going to thrash Argentina maybe 4 - 1 with Messi scoring


Posted this is the last thread, Nigel de Jong's reaction at Blater giving out medals to the refs

Final parties will begin at midnight over here. Midnight on a Monday. Many of my friends will be calling in sudden bouts of flu in the morning.


Germany has the better team
Germany played the most attractive football.
Germany deserves a win after all these years.
But I'm still Dutch, so.

Vamos Argentina!


Haha the refs getting their medals lol

Also tonight, I reckon the Germans got this, too strong I think but we will see
I will not be surprised that we need another thread halfway through the final. I can not remember the 2010 WC threads running so fast as this WC.


Go Germany (since USA is out)! And plus I have family ties to the region. I'm pretty sure they'd be happy with a world cup win.
The last 3 World Cup finals proved that they can be exhilarating to watch, with the one from 2006 being my absolute favorite thus far (Italy vs France).

I just hope that Argentina can put up a fight against Germany and that they are not going to be kicked out of class by pure efficiency.


Germany! Let's do it, let's get the fourth star.


Germany is the greatest place on earth. It's only logical that we should be the greatest football nation too. Can't wait until tonight, baby. Given Messi's current form Germany is better than Argentina on any position. Only uncertainty is whether Messi will be able to regain his 'Finals-Mojo', but even then I would feel confident in our team. They lived through hell in the past, especially the Bayern players and in the end always persevered. It only made them and us stronger. And now the time has come, all the hard work will finally pay off. What a feeling. It's good to be part of a nation that's blessed with these great individuals and world class football players.


"The place here on my left is free
I want a star to come to Germany"

<3 Neuer
, The best there ever was, ever will be. Revolutionized the position.
<3 Lahm, Oh captain my captain
<3 Boateng, The good Boateng
<3 Hummels, BVB and Germany Legend
<3 Höwedes, Schalke say what?
<3 Khedira, Leader & Motor of the team
<3 Schweini, Leader extraordinaire, crown yourself today!

<3 Kroos, Get the golden ball, get payed!
<3 Müller, Müller!
<3 Özi, will haunt them like a ghost!!!!!
<3 Klose, official legend, aint that right Ronaldo?

<3 Mertesacker, the dependable mountain
<3 Götze, got us in motion
<3 Podolski, always gives his all
<3 Schürrle, thanks Mou for forming this great player!
<3 Draxler, will be there if needed
<3 Kramer, what a journey.
<3 Mustafi, did his job.

<3 Weidenfeller, Durm, Großkreutz, BVB legends, Döner Liebhaber and good guys
<3 Zieler / Ginter great team players

<3 Deutschland
<3 Jögi Löw (who would've thought), you are the best Jogi!


No matter how the final ends, I'm extremely proud of our country, our players and coaches and everyone that's involved with this team.

I, for one, am grateful to have witnessed this team play football at this amazingly high level for the last 8 years! BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD! NO MATTER WHAT!


I'm rooting for Argentina, but Germany will win. I just want a non-European team to take it this time. Spurious reason I know, but ya'know, whatevs bro.
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