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2015 Pokémon US National Championships | July 3rd-5th | Indianapolis, IN | Livestream


Sgt. 2nd Class in the Creep Battalion, Waifu Wars
Feb 22, 2012
I hope everyone enjoyed the tournament! A little disappointed I missed the invite but it's fully my fault. Choked in my final set of the day. I played 26 of a possible 27 games as all my sets but one went to all three games. The only one that didn't was against a Minimize Clefable so even though I won 2-0 I was taking most of my time to make sure I had the option to timer stall if things got hairy...

And man I just want one Pokemon thread on GAF where Joe doesn't derail it with his inane arguments :(Turn order is determined before mega evolution. Gardevoir has base 80 speed vs Excadrill at base 88. TR Hybrid Gardevoir usually runs just enough speed to outspeed Bisharp by 1 or 2 stat points which is around 20 EVs iirc. It would have been super surprising if Excadrill didn't outspeed. Justin just got a little excited and forgot in the heat of the moment.
Don't harp it on Joe, he didn't bring the topic up. If he can't ignore users when they bring up real issues being presented to viewers, it doesn't help that you have to always bitch about him, especially when it's not a derail.