2017 Console Screenshot Thread (READ RULES IN OP!)


Welcome, everyone! It's another year, and that means another console screenshot thread.

2016 had some incredible looking games released. Uncharted 4, Forza Horizon 3, The Last Guardian, Gears of War 4, FFXV, and Quantum Break, among many others. It was easily the best looking year for games thus far. 2016 also saw the launch of the PS4 Pro, making games look better than ever on consoles.

2017 will see the release of the Nintendo Switch and the next iteration of the Xbox One, Scorpio. Game-wise, we will [tentatively] look forward to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sea of Thieves, Gran Turismo Sport, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mass Effect Andromeda, Days Gone, God of War, etc. It's shaping up to be another beautiful year for games.


Before we get to the rules, let's see what game won top spot in last year's thread. I think we can all guess. It was....Uncharted 4! Across the 13,046 posts encompassing the thread, UC4 garnered over 1,300 posts worth of screenshots and discussion. Second place is the game that just keeps on giving: Driveclub, with 1,100 posts. That was carried almost exclusively by member "dumb," who gets a big shoutout for having by FAR the most posts in last year's thread.


*****THREAD RULES*****

1. PS4/Pro, XB1/Scorpio, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U images only.

2. Two screenshots per post, and two consecutive posts allowed.

3. No triple posting.

4. Put the name of the game and the console you took the shots on in the title.

5. Type "Photomode" in the title of any post that you put screenshots from a game's photomode into.

6. Do not post major plot points from games released in the last 2 months.

7. Screenshots must be 1080p if they're from PS4 or Xbox One, and 720p or 1080p if they're from Wii U. While 4K images are allowed, you are highly encouraged to take 1080p screenshots instead.

1. abload.de
2. flickr
Yay, new year! :D So many great screenshots last year, guys! I'm almost a bit disappointed I didn't make it into the top ten posters of 2016. Well, new year new luck, I guess. ;)

Just got Ratchet and Clank PS4... holy shit... This is Pixar in game form... forget technicalities in terms of poly counts and other stuff in CGI movies... this game is a CGI movie.

Dont care what anyone says, this is the one of the best Final Fantasy games ever... its so good looking, gameplay is awesome, story is awesome fun...i love everything about it. Definitely my GOTY... quite possibly my GOAT.

Well, I think that it is seen that I love to play with the mode photos in the video game, it is a second game in the game for me, and it makes it possible to better realize the work of the developers and the Artistic teams .. that was the job I wanted to do when I was little ^^

Go some new pictures to celebrate But I promise to decrease with driveclub .. (it is necessary that GT sport come out quickly and that it is good) ;)
It must be said that I am still as fascinated by this game but I suspect that everyone is not like me and that in trouble some .. sorry

Cheerful year and good health everyone <3

I just started the adventure .. (fed up waiting for a real patch ps4 pro :()
And I think I'll get some screens for my part: hap:
The game is splendid but god that row: / even on pro ...

Seeing your Paragon screens for a while, I wanted to mention how amazing the character models in this game look. O:
Unfortunately MOBA's are not my cup of tea at all. But it really is nice to look at, especially now on the Pro.

I just started the adventure .. (fed up waiting for a real patch ps4 pro :()
And I think I'll get some screens for my part: hap:
The game is splendid but god that row: / even on pro ...

Many players suddenly got these black bars after the newest patch. Have you fixed them yet on your TV and/or your PS4 display area settings?