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52 Places to Go in 2016 - Mexico City wins top spot.

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Dec 6, 2008

When Pope Francis visits Mexico City next month, he will draw the faithful from around the country. The Mexican capital, though, is attracting pilgrims of another kind: travelers seeking some of the world’s best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design. With young people from around Latin America and Spain streaming into the city, and the Mexican peso hitting record lows against the dollar, the city — daunting and endless as it is — radiates energy.

Certainly, there is no more exciting place to eat. Enrique Olvera, who reinvented Mexican cuisine at Pujol, has inspired a generation of restaurants in his wake; recent openings include Fonda Fina in La Roma and Fonda Mayora in nearby Condesa.

Design fans can work up an appetite shopping for products by studios like David Pompa and Lagos del Mundo or for designs by Carla Fernández. Photography lovers have two new destinations: the FotoMuseo Cuatro Caminos and the newly renovated Centro de la Imagen.

But getting to know the city means diving into its colonias. In the shadow of Paseo de la Reforma, the city’s grand boulevard, the Colonia Cuauhtémoc, beckons business travelers and tourists alike, with the new design-conscious Carlota hotel and an increasing number of restaurants. Many other areas demand a more intimate exploration. You can stroll by the French-style 19th-century mansions of La Roma or take a turn around Parque México in Condesa.

Of course, there are places you should not wander but the city is far safer than it was in the 1990s, and taxi services like Uber and Yaxi make getting around a lot more comfortable. It’s also easier to get to: in the summer, AeroMéxico, JetBlue and American Airlines have boosted flights.

And if you’re overwhelmed, you can visit Futura CDMX, a scale model of the Federal District due to open soon — the latest flourish of pride in a city that’s ever coming back.

Some really nice picks in terms of opening your eyes to overlooked locales.

You're not gonna find much NYC, SF, Tokyo, London and such here.

Here's the methodology the NYT used:


How do you start the process?

First we contact dozens of contributing writers, many of them based overseas, for suggestions. We receive a few hundred ideas, and start with those.

What are you looking for in those ideas?

We aim for a selection of places that we expect to be particularly compelling in the coming year; reasons might include a museum opening, a new transportation option or a historical anniversary. So even though cities like Paris, Rome and Tokyo are always exciting, they didn’t make the cut.

JD in SD

Neo Member
Nov 22, 2011
Cool list! I'm actually going to Mexico City with my gf in March, really looking forward to it.


Jun 3, 2011
Anyone see the most recent season of Mozart in the Jungle where
Maestro goes back to Mexico City?

It looks amazing.


Nov 21, 2014
I went a few months ago. Totally cool place and felt safe almost the entire time (except when protesters decided to riot and the riot police went crazy and started to throw tear gas and rubber bullets near my hotel).

I didn't use Uber or Lyft because I know the taxi market is important in the DF, and they're very territorial about customers and didn't want to contribute to that clash.

Also, Mexico City is nothing like the opening scene of Spectre.

Highly recommend going there.


May 21, 2009
That website is fantastically designed. Edge to edge pictures and all.

Btw: I'm from #9, Skane.


Dec 11, 2007
I just visited MC a few weeks ago for the first time and was blown away. Loved it.


Jun 29, 2004
North Vancouver B.C., Canada
Just came back last week from Mexico City.
So many good places to eat and a crazy amount of cultural places to go.
Already miss it.

Taquería La Lupita Ayuuk - Best Tacos Al Pastor I've ever had.

Too scared of the Cartels to ever sit foot inside of Mexico.

Completely safe in Mexico City.
It's like saying you're scared to go to the US for fear of being killed by the police.


Jan 5, 2007
Mexico City.
I didn't use Uber or Lyft because I know the taxi market is important in the DF, and they're very territorial about customers and didn't want to contribute to that clash.

I wouldn´t risk getting mugged on a cab for that, taxi drivers pull some serious shit on users in this city. Uber gives a pretty good service over here, and local Taxi owners should follow suit. I definitely recommend anyone coming here to use Uber over standar cabs, somewhat cheaper and much safer.
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