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October 2015
Tokyo, Kanto, Japan

A few of us are planning a trip to Japan next year. Maybe you want to join us?

We'll be going sometime in October since it's one of the best months to go weather-wise and it's far enough off for people to save up some money.

Most likely going for close to 2 weeks. 1 week in Tokyo and then the rest in the Kansai (Kyoto/Osaka) region.

You need to co-ordinate with the others that are going and order the flight yourself. I will help out getting us a hostel and/or hotel for a cheap price. If we get a hostel room we will get a private room for our group, but with shared bathrooms and showers. Hotel will be a private room for our group with private bathroom and shower.

Budget should be about $1300+flight cost if you want to only join us for the first week in Tokyo and about $2600+flight cost if you want to join in on the whole trip.

You will need to confirm if you're going and order the flight by the end of April 2015.

It will be best if we do a group of max 4 people, so by April 2015 I'll go through the list in order of who's shown interest and confirm if you're going or not. Feel free to show interest even if there's already 4 people on the list in case somebody else have to drop out by then.

Some of the things we will be checking out in Tokyo:
Ghibli museum
Nakano Broadway
Odaiba (which has the giant Gundam statue and other stuff)
Some of the most famous shrines and a park
Other things you want to check out

Some of the things we will be checking out in Kansai region:
K-On school building
Day trip to Nara
Day trip to Hiroshima
More temples and shrines
Other things you want to check out



Maybe going

1. spyhunterzero

2. StayDead

3. ThreePiMatt

4. phoenix296

5. Hugstable

6. Owlowiscious

7. Lollipop Dave

Possible Spring 2016 trip

1. Snkfanatic

2. Zoba
I thought about moving to Canada....not sure where I would go though or how easy it would be.
Its a pretty good place, I would recommend it to anyone. Employment isn't too hard to find, Universal Healthcare, home of the greatest sport on Earth, etc.

The only downside is ordering anything online. Shipping and importing is awful here.
the best part, you only get 3Mbps upload.
hahahaha oh wow

shit i technically have a 300gig cap, but comcast has currently suspended enforcing it, and even if it wasn't enforced, i don't use more than like 150 gb a month*

*also there two people using internet here, so obvs i don't know how much is my dad vs how much is me.