A look at the original I Am Alive - with colours!


The development of I Am Alive is a long story. The Darkworks-envisioned title was first prototyped around 2001. In 2006, after Cold Fear was released, Ubisoft picked up the title. At E3 2008, it was officially unveiled with a CGI trailer.

In March 2009, Darkwork's version was meant to be released three months later at that time, Ubisoft took the game away from the Paris studio and put Ubisoft Shanghai on it. Ubisoft Shanghai was meant to "repair" the game, adding multiplayer and other features. Thus the game was a no-show in 2009.

At E3 2010, Ubisoft showed a new trailer of I Am Alive. What they didn't say at that time, it was an incredibly old trailer, dating back to early 2009. In fact, it was produced at Darkworks, and as Ubisoft couldn't ask them to remove their logo from the trailer at the end, they simply cut off the trailer's ending, blending in a black screen with text.
[Original version | E3 2010 version]

A few months later, the game was started from scratch, only to be released a year later as a XBLA/PSN title.


I still liked the version we ended up with, the mechanics were interesting and lead to cool combat puzzles, and I appreciated The Road-like greyness.

Thanks, Shiggy, you weird source of game development you.
this is the game i wanted to play!! i remember seeing a trailer where an entire 40 story building was falling and the main character was running his ass off. all we got now is this gray/brown mess....
I am so looking forward to this game, the Ellen Page character is rad.
^ lol

I still think they (partially) scrapped this game because they wanted to use the Chicago environment for a game like Watch Dogs, so they gave the assets they had done to Ubisoft Montreal.

Zombies would have been kinda lame, but I really would have liked to see how the game looked without everything brown and grey.

i'm currently playing through the game and i think it's quite good. love the ambient music, the tension, some cool encounters, climbing mechanic... hell even the visuals are ok to me. i die A LOT though (Survivor mode) and i feel it's sometimes the game's fault. a bit janky. but for the price it's definitely worth it IMO. i find it odd how many people just dismiss the game..