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AC UNITY patch worsens NPC pop-in. Ubisoft actually puts in new spawning animation.


I think this deserved it's own thread, it's derivate from the AC unity patch thread. I'll just put the original posts here and say.. wow.

I've put about 10 hours into this the last few days on PS4, and found the framerate manageable, but the npc pop-in was really bugging me. After the patch it seems much worse. Am i the only one seeing this ?, whole groups of npcs popping in everywhere and their shadows, building textures in the distance and shit on the street popping in around every corner. I just had a group of npc's pop in as i ran into them.(Gif below)

If you haven't patched your game yet, and aren't bothered about the framerate as much as the pop in, dont download this shit.

Heres a webm of the pop in after the patch

You can see when the npc's pop-in in that gif, how ubi programmed some little visual effect as they materialize, like they anticipated the pop in, and tried to make it look cool.

It's almost as if they expected this to happen. In fact, it's almost as if the game was still incomplete. Who knew?

Pop me in if old or innappropiate.



Who are you quoting and why should I be listening to him in particular when he says it's "worse"?


Are they seriously still saying that lessening the amount of NPCs won't fix the framerate even a little bit?


They added in an effect to make it look like an Animus glitch? Ahahahahahahaha
You really couldn't make it up.

I should add that despite the issues, I'm still very much enjoying the game. Paris is fantastic, and the attention to detail is incredible at times.


So....you can be running in the game......and then run into npcs that spawn right on top of you and slow you down.....and the game went live like that in the first place?

What in the fuck.


I think ACU has been shit on enough by now.. the patch got performance to acceptable level so im just going to go ahead and enjoy the game.


They were there observing you all the time. But only appeared after you stumble upon them.

edit: The first part of the gif, where the npc went from an upper level to the ground without any animation in between. god.


Putting in a new thing on a fundamental technical level at this point in the process would probably work out well, good call Ubisoft.


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I'd rather have the visual effect than the straight popping that was happening before.

It's probably not something that is fixable entirely at this point.
It's easy to cherry pick the bad stuff. I'm going to wait and see for myself what the results of this patch are. Impressions have been good so far it seems.


Only so much you can do to improve performance in a few weeks lol.

Really curious if London streets are just going to be real barren next year out of the gate ;)
I feel stupid but I need this explained to me.

It's from an episode of Mythbusters where they literally "polish a turd".

As for the patch - I suppose that's one way to make your game presentable. Just move the goalposts to something that appears presentable (rather than what you advertised the game as) - and call it a day.


It's easy to cherry pick the bad stuff. I'm going to wait and see for myself what the results of this patch are. Impressions have been good so far it seems.

Yeah, in regards to the framerate improvement, but many have noticed the worsened pop-in as well. It's not just on characters now either, I see building details and shadows have more pop-in than before.


It's easy to cherry pick the bad stuff. I'm going to wait and see for myself what the results of this patch are. Impressions have been good so far it seems.

par the course by now. i mean remember the last patch where people were comparing lighting during different times of day and calling it a downgrade? :)


Ubiosft game have always had this weird "pop in effect" that's extremely distracting that I'm surprised doesn't get called out more often, it's even in Far Cry. The whole "dissolve in" thing is distracting.

That is pretty hilarious in fairness,lets hope this gives ubisoft free reign to tackle technical bugs and glitches by leaving them in and caliming theyre Animus errors from now on...


My first reaction is "Ubi gunna Ubi" but it makes me think that whatever problem was causing the low frames in crowded areas was so deeply rooted in the engine a patch would never fix it. This was their quick fix for it, and its not a terrible fix.


Was it common for the NPCs to pop-in so close to the player character like that? I was going to borrow this game from a friend, but if that's going to happen often, I'm not even going to bother.
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