After 8 Eeveelutions, which one is the Greatest?

Original 3 is the best.


Glaceon and Leafeon are horrendous. Can't believe it's some people's favourite.
Honestly, they're all great other than Sylveon. Sylveon sticks out like a sore thumb. Flareon is definitely the second worst after Sylveon, though.

My personal favourite is Espeon, though. Shout out to the holographic Espeon card.
Full Ranking:
1. Leafeon
2. Jolteon
3. Sylveon
4. Glaceon
5. Umbreon
6. Espeon
8. Flareon

I wouldn't call any of the designs bad per se. Vaporean is weird, Flareon is boring, Espeon is decent but doesn't really have a "hook". Others are good.
I'm kinda curious what a fighting, steel and ghost Eevolution would like like. I hope it's less like Sylveons and Leafeons aesthetically. The ribbon flesh still disturbs me and Leafeon is just lazy.

Umbreon is number one for me. I'm all about that edge.

Espeon is a very close second, and Vaporeon rounds out the top 3.

The original 3 designs are by far the weakest. I normally hate "pink" creatures, but Sylveon succeeds in actually being adorable.
Flareon was always dull, but Jolteon and especially Vaporeon are awesome. I'd say Flareon, Leafeon and Glaceon are the weakest. They receive very little fanfare at all on the internet, especially compared to the others. Sylveon is the one I like the least by quite a margin, but I can see that it fills a niche and seems to be really popular with the people its aimed at.

Personal Ranking
1. Umbreon
2. Espeon
3. Vaporeon
4. Jolteon
5. Leafeon
6. Flareon
7. Glaceon
8. Sylveon
I'll go by dick size:

Umbreon >>>>>>>>>>>>> Sylveon > Espeon > Glaceon > Vaporeon > Jolteon > Leafon >>>>>>>>>>> Eevee > Flareon

I read lots of pokesmut, I am an expert! As we can clearly see, Umbreon is the clear winner here with its absurdly sized wang.
Pokemon coliseum cemented in my mind how awesome Espeon is, and despite having the better design how much Umbreon sucks in battle. So Esp, with Jolteon a close second.