Amiibo Packaging (Nintendo Figurine) - Wallets 'am cry

So does anyone actually want these for their functionality? I feel like Nintendo really dropped the ball with amiibos. They succeeded in making them attractive as collectable statues but failed in providing a reason to want them for what they provide to the gaming experience.
10€ for a figurine like this is okay in my book, yet sadly that means that I probably have to spend something like 300-500€ for all the Smash Bros. figurines alone.

Wallet am cry indeed. :(
Why do I have a feeling these will be very hard to get my hands on for the first few months they are released? I fucking want them all though, and just when I thought my collecting days were behind me too.
I'll most likely ignore them completely. I just can't afford to get them and wouldn't really find them useful. Peach and Kirby look fantastic though.