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ANONYMOUS;CODE Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam

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The highly-anticipated Science Adventure Series ANONYMOUS;CODE is coming to the West in 2023 for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, and Steam®.

This is the latest work by STEINS;GATE creator Chiyomaru Shikura, in collaboration with returning staff from the Science Adventure Series. Experience the story of the hackers who will rewrite the future.

2037. Nakano, Tokyo.
Pollon Takaoka is caught up in a tangle of plots as a result of his encounter with the mysterious girl Momo and faces a major event that shakes the world. Play as Pollon and hack the myriad branches of reality and "load" the ending that saves the world!
Awesome to hear about CHAOS;HEAD, I hope it is good - I felt Robotics;Notes was pretty average after being extremely interested and happy it finally was translated.

Also wtf why does Chiyomaru Shikura look like he is 22.

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Is a Visual Novel right?

Im in..... Nintendo Switch is the console ideal for Visual Novels.
It is. There were a bunch of VNs announced today.


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This along with the fact chaos head will finally "officially" be playable and ownable in the west makes me super happy...

Also this guy always goes the extra mile to try and make the insane story's he's telling more grounded. Those intro events are not random made up BS that sounds cool they are infact related to real world events.

Looking forward to how he weaves these all together.
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