Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

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Haven't watched Parts Unknown since the first season. Tony in Korea, all aboard.

They spent too much time in the noraebang focusing on the squid+M&Ms and bad karaoke. I can relate when they were walking around drunk. When that salary man popped open a bottle with a spoon, did the guy behind him get capped and not even flinch?

Mukbang army stew looked good. I still don't see the appeal in watching people eat...except that I'm watching this show watching Tony eat...

Jajangmyeon and sweet/sour pork at the PC bang, thumbs up. Watching Tony noob it up in a game, thumbs down.

Silk worms, reminds me of being drunk and eating raw. Can relate to gyopo Mark.

Epilogue was great. Going to have to youtube No Reservations Korea episode as I remember I really liked that episode.
Korea - Wasn't much of a fan of the start from the end format.

Miami - Solid episode but way over done with the style over substance.

Scotland - Finally a great episode, one of the best Tony has done under the Parts Unknown name, no longs breaks between segments of aimless stylistic footage which often feel like wasted space that could be used for something better. Just pure dialogue, intelligent conversations and finally we get some food given a more prominent role.

Madagascar - Felt like a No Reservations episode toward the end of it's series, it was good, I didn't know much about the place so every bit of info about it was thoroughly compelling. Darren Aronofsky was a interesting guest to have along for the ride though he didn't add much that often, he wasn't a counter point.

The show really could use another 10-15 minutes more to let the segments & conversations breath a little more.
This Sunday's show takes place in Hawaii and one of the things they talk about is what it means to be Hawaiian versus from Hawaii.
Looking forward to this one. I visit Hawaii often and it is a very magical place that is so much deeper and complex then it's beaches and volcanoes. The culture is very central to it's economy and because of this, it can often be a very contentious issue regarding what is "Hawaiian"?


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woah, didn't even know there was a new season of this. Pretty big fan of all of his shows. Just recently started reading his books as well. Not a bad writer at all.
Oh god, I've been catching up with previous seasons of Parts Unknown and I think I 've been scarred by the Lyon episode.
The face of the charred rabbit staring back at you was nightmare inducing.

Prime cuts is also an awesome addition and insight to the show.
Anthony Bourdain's jiu jitsu episode airs this Sunday.

"I do it because it’s hard. Because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And because it never ends. Every day presents me with a series of problems that I spend the rest of the day thinking about how I might solve — or at least chip away at. Next day same. And the day after that."

"When I recently got my blue belt, after over two years of training, it was, other than the birth of my daughter, pretty much the greatest day of my life. That belt doesn’t mean I’m any good at jiu jitsu, by the way. It just means that I worked really, really hard at something. And that presumably, I suck at it just a tiny bit less."

kurt osiander is quite the character
Finally watching the Hanoi episode.

As a non US citizen I have to say I cannot see Trump or Hilary getting the reception Obama got in Vietnam. Best President you guys have had since Kennedy and he was stifled by your crazy governmental system


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Just out of interest, Mr. Bourdain has paid a visit to Cologne sometime this year. has that episode aired already? Thanks in advance!
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