Anyone else enjoying Pokémon Scarlet/Violet despite it's technical problems?

Are you still having fun with Pokemon Scarlet or Violet despite the technical issues reported?

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I'll be the first to admit that the framerate in this game is pretty bad sometimes. I'm usually not very fussy about that stuff if the game is still fun, but there are sections of the world where the framerate is abysmal and I'm struggling to just move around and battle Pokémon.

That being said, I've still put in a lot of time to the game and I find myself enjoying it. I've even decided to try and go for a full Pokédex which is something I haven't done since the original Gold and Silver release. It's been fun just going through the world and trying to find Pokémon that I don't have yet. Even with all it's technical faults, the part of Game Freak that comes up with characters and creature designs is still top notch. I even found I ended up liking some story characters a lot more in the end than I thought I would at the beginning, and so some of the character interactions I've also really enjoyed in the game.

Maybe I'm part of the problem for not being upset enough about the technical problems with these games so that we'll just keep getting screwed in the future. The thing is, despite all the technical problems, there's still a solid foundation and good game underneath, and that can still carry a lot of weight with me.


Its in a disgraceful state but as someone whos played every gen the game itself is the best one theyve put out since generation 6 in 2013


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I myself not fan of Pokémon games but I did enjoyed Drakengard 3 despite its atrocious performance.


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I thought about buying it as my first Pokémon game but once I saw the performance and bugs I noped out of it like child avoiding vegetables at dinner.

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It honestly plays fine in handheld mode, it's just kinda ugly; haven't tried docked yet, but it seems that's where all the severe performance issues happen.


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Enjoying it immensely despite it needing A LOT of polish. Just started pvp and omg the Japanese don’t fuck around.
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I'm admittedly only after the school and just access to online functions. While I do agree the graphics are a bit bland, and the framerate issues of some things are pretty crap, I only came upon one bug, and it wasn't gamebreaking. My pokemon was clipping inside a bridge in battle, that was it. Certainly seen worse (Bethesda enters the chat).

The last one I played was Ultra Sun, so I missed a few games, but I like how they changed this one up from the usual formula. Having freedom to go where you want, being able to access your boxes anywhere, being able to see Pokemon running around so I don't have to waste my time looking for one pokemon I want in mindless random battles. All nice things. I got the dualpack so I could play the game with my son, which its his first Pokemon game and he's loving it. I haven't tried out the multiplayer yet other than the online Tera battles and a couple surprise trades, but being able to run around with my son in game sounds great and I'm looking forward to trying it out.


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Quality wise it's hot garbage. It the core gameplay loop wasn't this good, I would imagine this ranking among the worst high-budget Nintendo-exclusives in many years.


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Only people that don't have it are complaining about it
Not true to be honest, for example the online Tera Raid Battles are glitchy as fuck. Sometimes you have to wait 10 seconds before any move happens, and in almost every battle the ending is just a white screen with random idle noises in the background before the game notices the fight is over.


from what i see, regarding the technical issue, the experience is different for each people. not everyone experienced those viral glitch. turn out it not happened to most of people. lot of people also i see been vocal at how they has no issue. for me, only problem i have so far is performance issue. i havent experience those glitch/bug yet as how others is so far.

there is claim that the bugs less happened on handheld mode. i playing on Switch Lite so i dont know the depth over the claim. there is also claim that people playing with emulator which is i also doesnt know how much true percentage of that. also another stuff i notice that the issue often happened to player that play online. so perhaps there is related issue with the game's online connection?

put that aside, game design wise, honestly i been enjoying it. it is better than i expected to be. at first i expect it just another Legend Arceus style of game slapped with Sword/Shield element but turn out devs paying lot of attention to the game. it is been a while where i has fun roaming aimlessly in open world game. personally, this is the right direction that the devs can keep follow in future but i hope they wont end up mindlessly copypasting the formula for future sequel game or it gonna end up like those recycle open world game out there.

the game indeed need some patch to fix those performance issue and those hillarious bugs but personally, i believe it blown out of proportion abit. it is not that much severe as people making it out to be. far from cyberpunk situation. i see plenty of people vocal that complaining hard about this game on social media actually doesnt even own the game or a switch lol and yet they bitching like they is the one pay the money for the game. i also start to notice some of viral hillarious glitch video also usually contain similliar video over that already circulating around and over again.

it is clear that the game need more time in development. my take is that the Gamefreak is actually starting to catch up to modern game development hurdle. they been left behind for quite far against other game development out there. by the time the industry has standard of full 3D game they still stuck in 2D symmetrical layout of game design on weaker hardware. so far they been doing 'well' with the formula and their yearly development cycle but now once they started to catching up, develop larger scale, open world game standard like how others game out there, i hope they realize that their previous devs cycle is not feasible anymore. they should learn alot from Scarlet/Violet that their game now need more time in development and they cant keep developing and releasing new game in short time like they always do before.
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