Apogee Games and other classic Dos games

Summer of 1996. My friend across the street bought this Apogee collections at some dollar store of a buck. Had a bunch of games on it: Raptor, Cosmo, Monster Mash, Hocus Pocus etc. Anyways, nostalgia got the better of me and after a quick google search I found this website. It's got a bunch of freeware/demo dos games (Sim city 2000, WCII, the afore mentioned apogee titles, and my favorite, putt-putt goes to the moon) and it brought back so many memories. Anyways, gaf, while classic console gaming is in vogue with PSN/XBL/VC it sometimes it feels that classic pc gaming from similar eras is forgotten, despite GOG/Steam. So yea, lets discuss early-mid 90s pc gaming.


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Apogee was one of my favorites back in the day. I would go to keyword: Apogee on AOL and download all their shareware games. Sharewares were so generous back in the day, they were enough to satisfy me
it was all about this shit right here

also the Electronic Arts CDROM Classics series was the best, it was pretty easy to convince my parents to get me one of these for 10 bucks every couple weeks back in the day. hard to believe that EA used to be one of my favorite game companies.
Descent, the one DOS game that will forever ring with me.

Then when I found the level editor as well as playing it online on Kali, I became forever hooked on online gaming.

As for another DOS game I've been trying to get working again, Albion. A 2d RPG which was pretty unique for it's time, need to find it in them abandonware sites and get it to run. Never finished it...
Some of these games like Raptor are actually available on Steam.

I had many great times playing these games on my dads old 386 and his lightning fast 486 when it came out.

Games like Gods, Jill of the Jungle, Jetpack and Dark Legions (from Silicon Knights I later discovered) were a huge part of my childhood.
Hmm, which company made Commander Keen I through VI? Duke Nukem (the 2D ones)? Descent II? Major Stryker? Because those were the PC games I cherished as a kid, playing them in my grandpappy's basement while he made chocolates like the magical grandpappy he is.

I am not sure what the breakdown of publishing vs developing is for the products but i played a lot of apogee shareware games. Shareware gave a huge value back then I have never thought of it until now but my library on the 486 was probably close in size to my steam library if I add up all the 80 billion games cds.


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Wacky Wheels was better than Super Mario Kart.

Yeah, I said it.
Eh, it runs at like 20 fps, though. It was completely lacking the fluidity of Mario Kart.

In fact, even as a child, I was acutely aware of framerate differences before I even understood what a framerate was. When I picked up Wacky Wheels for my PC it was immediately apparent that it ran nowhere NEAR as smooth as Super Mario Kart.

Same kind of holds true for most of those older DOS games. They typically operated at very low framerates while consoles were delivering full 60 fps platformers left and right with loads of parallax. I still loved that era of PC games, though. So many great memories.
I sat out the SNES and Genesis war and played on my PC instead.
All of these games were just amazing.

My first PC Platformer wasn't an Apogee game (although I ended up playing most of those), it was a game called Captain Comic.

I remember going to a computer show when Wolfenstein 3D had just been released to bulletin boards... All the manufacturers and vendors were playing Wolfenstein at their tables instead of being focused on selling.

I also remember when doom first came out..

ah man... there's too many memories to continue.. Shareware titles changed everything for me.

90's PC is the best.


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a bunch of freeware/demo dos games (Sim city 2000, WCII, the afore mentioned apogee titles, and my favorite, putt-putt goes to the moon)
Aaaa, nostalgia bomb. 90% of the PC games I played back then were edutainment titles like this at a day care. I don't think I ever beat it (they only had two computers, so you had to take turns) I'm more familiar with Sierra and The Learning Company though.

Apogee and Shareware is the mother fucking shit. I loved PC gaming back then before it got super elite and pretentious.

...Really? There are plenty of modern PC games out right now that can be run on extremely low-spec, non-gaming machines.


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I would love a collection of these on a portable, but not with touch screen controls.

I mean yeah I can play them on my computer anytime, but to take them out would be great.
For those of you who aren't aware: GoG seem to have settled into a pattern of releasing one Apogee title per week (on Tuesdays) at the moment. We've had Secret Agent, Hocus Pocus and Realms of Chaos thus far.

Gog's release schedule seems never particularly set in stone, but it seems clear that at the moment they're working through a collection that they have rights to, so if you're after an Apogee title, probably worth keeping an eye on the site.

I would love a collection of these on a portable, but not with touch screen controls.

I mean yeah I can play them on my computer anytime, but to take them out would be great.
Y'know, now I'd quite like to see someone attempt to make a Retro Game Challenge - PC edition. RGC was great, and it'd be nice to see a game with that model based around the PC scene in the early nineties rather than the NES scene of the late eighties.

Hmm, which company made Commander Keen I through VI?
ID, published by Apogee

Duke Nukem (the 2D ones)?

Descent II?
Parallax, published by Interplay

Major Stryker?
Apogee, now released as freeware, apparently.
This time period is my favourite of all gaming :)

I was too young at the time to be able to afford my own computer, but I remember going to my Grandpa's house and playing Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Hocus Pocus, Monkey Island, Abe's Odyssey. So many great memories, we eventually got our own computer around when Half-Life came out, so that worked out pretty well.
Those demo cds were AWESOME to get back in the days. So many compilations of various stuff; the best were those almost pirate compilation of Doom wads and utils. 650mb of new stuff to play with, back in the days, that was a huge amount of data.

Shareware compilations were great because each one contained tons of games you had never heard about; so trying them and discovering new stuff was awesome. This was before cd burners were really mainstream, 2X burners were expensive, the sotwares were primitive and medias was omg expensive; i remember cd-r costing 60-80$ A PIECE for quality media.

I miss those days.


I paid good money for this Dynex!
The first Apogee game I played (well, unless you count Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny) was Alien Carnage... which was a legitimately good game. That basically introduced me to the whole idea of shareware, which, for an 8-year-old with no money, was a pretty amazing discovery.
Hell yeah Shareware collection disc. And for us, that stuff worked! I remember how psyched I was when our whole family got to pick out a game from the shareware collection to get the full version. I got a Capture the Flag game (shut up it was awesome), my brother got Raptor, and my sister got some Pirate game. Good times.
I think DOOM was the first game which used DOS/4GW which started the craze of having these amazing games just load, instead of having to try and find 400 odd K of memory from somewhere.

I used to have to disable my mouse drivers from loading just to play some things.
Okay, who can tell me the name of an old dungeon crawler game that had a black mamba in it that moved at hyper speeds and was completely unfair to encounter? Back then, everything could 1 shot you and that damn thing killed me every single time.
How has no one mentioned Blake Stone yet? I think I put more time into it than Wolf3D.

Came in here to see this. Leaving satisfied.


Dungeon Master II

Improved on the original so much. Probably my favorite DOS game. Epic music, too. The game looked much better than these screens. The ones above are from the pretty shitty Sega CD version.


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YES! Apogee was the best. Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and Hocus Pocus were fantastic, Duke Nukem 1 (aka Duke Nukum) was great too, Wacky Wheels was really fun in split screen, Secret Agent was excellent.

I also loved Donald in Cold Shadow, though it was hard as balls.
My childhood PC gaming experience was defined by Apogee. Commander Keen, Secret Agent Sam, Monster Bash... all that stuff was epic. I loved it all. I'll always love me some Commander Keen.
As far as I'm concerned Super Mario World > Mario 3 > Commander Keen 4 > All other platformers. I'd even put the original Keen over most of those early console platforms.

I should also remind people that the Apogee name is back with the remake of Rise of the Triad that should release in a few months.
Wow, I was going to make this thread but decided to search first! I just found some floppys of old PC games, and Apogee dominated the stack (alongside Lucasart). Whacky Wheels, Blake Stone, Monster Bash!, Raptor, Halloween Harry, Hocus Pocus, etc. I found em all. Such a nostalgia overload.
I've been meaning to make dedicated Keen and Tyrian nostalgia threads for ages now, never have. Incredible games.

this is incredible haha. I wonder how long it is until the ironic 90s pc game art style revival.
Minecraft already jumped on that bandwagon, I'd say.
Commander Keen is one of my most-beloved and favorite platforming series ever. Dopefish lives! Also love for Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage.

Not Apogee, but Day of the Tentacle deserves a mention as well.