Apparently Microsoft approach Conan O'Brien for a possible Xbox Live show...


y'all should be ashamed
So Conan just signed a deal with TBS to do a late night show starting in November. But what I really found interesting was this piece of news (new to me, sorry if old)...

A lot of showbiz reporters got it wrong about where Conan would land. They were fixated on Fox and assumed he would only go to a network. But the fact is that, from the very beginning, Team Conan (including his exec producer Jeff Ross, and WME's Rick Rosen and Ari Emanuel, and manager Gavin Palone), were thinking way outside the network box. For instance, there were discussions with Microsoft about an XBox deal for Conan's show that would have broken new ground. And yes, discussions took place with Fox. "But TBS was far more aggressive from the very beginning. They wooed him hard," one insider tells me. "And Conan was incredibly impressed by executives there." Team Conan also liked the strong lead-in of Family Guy and The Office, as well as the prospect that on cable he could have "more freedom to be creatively more exciting," a source tells me. "And then George [Lopez] called Conan and convinced him to do it."

I wonder what Microsoft had in mind exactly for Conan. After watching the 8-episode season of the Tester, I'm kinda liking the idea of original programming on consoles. Anyone else think the same?

edit- though the idea of Conan resorting to an original show on XBL or any other console marketplace seems depressing to me. :p
Conan Tweeted he was going to TBS about an hour ago. I was just waiting to see the expanded news. As a rooftop antenna owner, I'd much rather see Conan on Xbox Live. :D
A free, downloadable, ad-supported show would have been better.


Apoc29 said:
Conan should be new host of 1 vs. 100 Live.
I'm sure I'm not the first to think about this, but...

That "game" is pointing the way to something very very very big.

Hint: Think Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
I think he would have gotten way more viewers on XBL if it was a free ad supported show. Leno and Letterman only get like 2.5 million viewers on a good night, I believe. Conan would have crushed that. To bad he picked TBS instead.
Probably would've been a replacement host for their other show ,PC Hook- UP.

It was good while it was on, but hardly anyone watched it. Microsoft even had it up on XBL for free for a couple of episodes but they deleted the showpage and the episodes off of XBL before the end of it's run.
Makes sense Lopez would want Conan on TBS. Better ratings for him now with someone like Conan a timeslot before. Only saw one episode of Lopez Tonight, it was alright. His standup was a little weak, but it beats Jimmy Fallon's shitty and awkward Late Night.
why not, i would watch 5-10 mins clips on the dashboard

could be worse, they couldve told him to host a game show with "hardcore gamerz" who are competing to be a tester