Assassin's Creed: Origins - Hype Check

This game releases two weeks from tomorrow on October 27th. That day will also see the release of Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein II. It feels as if GAF is on board with this AC installment. The setting, the loot, the RPG mechanics, the combat...everything seems to be clicking the hype button for a lot of people.

I for one am insanely stoked to pick this up. Who else is hotly anticipating this?
For me, it's the third place in games I'm looking forward to on that actual day even.

Maybe I'll pick it up one day. Still need to even boot Syndicate once though.

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GAF doesn't have a very large AC fanbase. Just wanna explore this world.

And just the QoL features made to the gameplay make it incredibly exciting for me let alone the overhauls.
I got this preordered. Ubisoft open world games this gen has not clicked with me but with this location and setting, i'm excited for it.
Not a huge fan of the setting on a pure historical level, but I love me some occult/supernatural Egypt stuff. Looks like the game has a lot of that, so I'm in.
The setting, the loot, the RPG mechanics, the combat...everything seems to be clicking the hype button for a lot of people.
Maybe. To me, looks like another AC game. After AC3 and Black flag, and what Unity and Syndicate were, nothing can get me excited for an AV game. Even worse is the fact I can hold off now,pick this up for pennies guaranteed just a few months from launch.

Don't really know others in real life hyped for this like they wer say a Destiny 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar the last dev for me that I preorder and pay for before release.

I couldn't give less fucks about AC, the animus, the bland face desmond or any other and every character of that damn franchise.

The setting tho, the new combat, the wildlife. I thoroughly enjoyed Syndicate while skipping cutscenes, I'm so ready to enjoy this, BRING IT ON.

P.S: I might start this game with the intention on following the story, but I can't promise I won't be skipping left and right after an hour if it fails to get my interest from the get-go.

Even worse is the fact I can hold off now,pick this up for pennies guaranteed just a few months from launch.
Like every other videogame actually. You are entitled to criticism, but keep it focused to the game/franchise.
This will be the main testing ground for my new shiny Xbox One X. I got a bit tired of the AC formula after doing multiple ones in a row a while ago, hence I haven't even got Syndicate, but this one looks fantastic. The extra time they took seems to show: everything seems a lot better, bigger, and Ancient Egypt is sick. The post-launch plan sounds great too, especially the virtual tours. I haven't been this hyped for a triple-A game in a while, and while I'm aware the gameplay will still be mainly Assassin's Creed (albeit with improves combat and all), I can't wait to immerse myself in this world on my new 4K TV nonetheless.
Very excited, seems to have exactly the changes I needed to be interested in the series and the world is absolutely perfect - love ancient Egypt. BUT Mario comes first so I'm holding the excitement for this one for later!
Can't say I'm excited, not a fan of the series though.

The combat changes maybe a jump forward for the series but not when it comes to games in general. They just incorporated basic stuff that other action games have been doing forever.
Like every other videogame actually. You are entitled to criticism, but keep it focused to the game/franchise.
Nah, this is an AC/UBI thing I noticed more than others. Especially with how fast Unity and Syndicate dropped. How about you don't try and police my criticism first saying I am entitled to it but only if I direct it at somrthing you are okay with.
I'm hyped, will be playing AC:Origins and Mario Odyssey all day when I get off work

And when I stopped to eat dinner I will be watching Stranger Things season 2
For me , Just like usual with any AC game , an Above Average game with insanely beautiful and addictive environments ..... and I can't resist the environments to be honest , Characters and Story are the wild card every entry
All i see is its not black flag. :(

Unity and syndicate were not very good. I didnt like that they added rpg elements in these games.

With that said, ill probably play this when its about 30$ or so.
Negative. I'll maybe rent it next time there's a drought. I like what I've seen of it, but it's still AC so I don't trust it at all. I thought Syndicate was absolutely wretched shit and Black Flag is the only AC I've enjoyed since maybe 2.
I really missed having an AC game to play last year so I am definitely looking forward to this one but Mario sort of dampened my hype for this one because I am looking forwarded to that so much more. That being said, I am picking it up at launch so you can say I am really interested in it.
I still have to slouch through Unity, start Syndicate and Rogue, pick up 3 whenever... But I have this preordered, though it helps that I could get it cheap. But I am anticipating this much more than any other AC game, bar the first one. A fresh civilization, with essentially an entire new game.

Still debating if I should get the Season Pass, as it will cost me as much as the base game.
This exactly. I'm interested but I can't see myself prioritizing it anytime soon with so much other stuff coming out.

This will be a next-year kind of purchase for me, when it's $30 or less.
Yeah, the big Ubi and Bethesda releases usually start dropping around Christmas, then half price by the new year. So grabbing Mario now and waiting to see what blinks first on Wolfenstein and AC isn't a bad move from where I sit.
I am as excited and hyped as I can possibly be without laying down a preorder. They burned me with the last two games. I'm gonna wait a while on this one and keep an eye on other's impressions.
I’m really excited for it. Still have my concerns with the combat but I’ve become much more interested in the melee system after replaying some Unity and Syndicate and the combat was just so dull. And I tend to like the Arkham-style attack/counter style that the games have been doing since AC3. But the weapons you equipped didn’t matter at all, the fighting was such a slog. The new system in Origins looks fresh and exciting for the series. I still think AC3’s was the most thrilling and satisfying but this one looks engaging and like it has sole nuance

But my main interest is in the world, and exploring ancient Egypt. The environment and the seemingly more dynamic behaviors and systems are the main selling points for me. In my favorite open worlds, simply choosing a direction and walking, people-watching along the way, is compelling, and Origins’ Egypt looks like it will succeed in that aspect
I have enjoyed every main AC outside of Three. This coming out on the same day as Mario and Wolfenstein is fucking stupid. I'll pick it up used real cheap by the time I'm done with those two games.
No hype whatsoever. I always kind of want them to do something that makes me go "oh my god yes FINALLY I gotta have it" but it didn't happen with this either. I've looked at some of the lengthier gameplay videos and I kind of can extrapolate from those how much I would like it for prolonged periods and I can't see myself enjoying it. It all just screams "hollow/soulless" to me for reasons I propably can't articulate or specify.
I'm a huge AC fan, played em all and liked every one of them, even Unity.

I'm not buying Origins at launch for a variety of reasons:

1. I'll be getting an Xbox One X 2 weeks later, will prefer to play on this since it should theoretically be better than the PS4 Pro version. I could play on PC but I prefer playing AC games on console / 4k TV, I buy on PC a few years down the line to keep it in the digital vault for replays. If the X wasn't releasing 2 weeks later there would have been a good chance I would have played on PS4 at launch.

2. As said, Odyssey and Wolf 2 are releasing on the same date, have both on pre order (Switch / PC) and also have Mordor 2 for X as the first game I plan to play on X.

3. Ubisoft has become super predictable with their games. Release, discount heavily 2-3 months later. Can pick up the gold edition for 30-50% off on black friday I feel in stores, play on X, by that time the first DLC should be out? Not to mention who knows what level of bugs will be in at launch, and fixed in the first 2 months.