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Assassin's Creed Origins screenshot leaks, new details (AC4 team, Naval combat, more)





There are some details too in the comments:

- from most of the AC4 team
- will have modern day
- no Desmond Miles
- revamped version of Anvil engine
- Ubi will start talking about it before the end of the month, full reveal at E3

Original Post:

Our sources suggest that Origins is a vast open world experience taking place in ancient Egypt. The story is rumoured to revolve around the original assassin's guild and will feature two main characters - a man and a woman.

Its structure is said to be less linear, featuring a character progression system less tied to the story. A development source we spoke to compared it numerous times to Bethesda's Skyrim. They say that impressions of the project internally are so far positive.

The game will apparently grant the player considerably more freedom, featuring a greater emphasis on exploration over previous entries in the series. One source tells us that this is the biggest Assassin's Creed the company has ever created and is ”huge" in scope. They say that it has been in development for ”at least" several years now. Hopefully, it will benefit from this extended development cycle.

Not only is Origins rumoured to boast an explorable ancient Egypt, players will also apparently be able to go beyond it - possibly even as far as Greece. We were told that boats will return in the game, allowing the player to sail the Mediterranean. Naval combat, naturally, is also said to be included.

More at the link:


This does sound like it fits with the structure Ubisoft was implying when talking about their future open world games, but I have no idea who WWG is, especially in terms of their rumor record.


Not buying it. It's talking about Greece, yet a previous leaker (one that was confirmed by Kotaku (?) ) said that Greece was cut long ago..

This sounds way too vague, too.. like really - a man and a woman? lol ok
I'm the only sonavabitch that hates the naval combat ugh. I went from excited to meh real quick.

ninja'd apparently there's two of us!


Origins is indeed a bleh name but I guess it sells.

I did like the two character system from Syndicate so I'm glad thats back. Kind of got my fill of the naval stuff in AC4 so I hope its more of a side thing like 3. That is, if this info is even true of course.
It will be interesting to see how boats will work on the new engine as naval gameplay has been restricted to the last gen games so far.


Ubisoft please. Just make a Assassins Creed game set in Persia. The Templers are after the Sands of Time. And you play the Prince who was removed from power once Templers took over. Call it Assassins Creed: The Prince of Persia.


Im one of the few that seemed to hate black flag and prefered the others even more syndicate. Guess im out if this rumor is true


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
To be honest, I'm not overly fussed about what the game has to offer vis-a-vis moment-to-moment gameplay. The draw of the series for me has always been the combination of historical tourism and a great many collectables, so I'll be just be happy with the series not skipping another year.


I really hope they make the modern day story relevant again. Games seem pretty empty when they have the most slim thread tying it all together these days.
I wonder if this will take place in the Ptolemaic period of Egypt's golden age, when Greeks mingled with Egyptians to make the Hellenistic period.

That's the only real way I could see naval combat working. Not sure how far back Egypt's ship presence goes--as in warships and the like, not travel/light cargo etc.
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