Assassin's Creed Rogue First Half Hour

Seems as though it would make more sense to play this game after Black Flag instead of Unity, at least in terms of following the modern day storyline.

Was cool seeing
Achilles and Adewale
interact with one another.
Unrelated to the video but I'm behind on the news, rogue and Unity are launching in the same month? I'm still confused as to what's going on with this.


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Looks just like Black Flag. Could be good once it comes to current gen.

edit: It literally looks like Black Flag with snow. I guess they took the engine and lots of the assets and created a new story. Even the shanties they sing are the same from Black Flag.
Kinda, the woman composing this is definitely taking cues from past games it seems. Including Ezio's Family.
Its just like AC2 music. looks like they meshed together extra content from every lastgen game and made a new one.

And i am ok with that if its it anything like AC4


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Ill probably pick this up...just not at full price. It IS basically Black Flag 2, which is nice. But my desire to pay anything over $20 for this doesn't exist.

It does seem to have the most interesting storyline. I'm disappointed Ubisoft didn't save the premise for a larger game in the franchise.
Thanks for this, I'm definitely interested in Rogue, hoping for a PC/current-gen version soon.

The story and characters look really promising but yeah, that modern day section was ehhh.