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Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer


I came and I came.

Lol, MP games does not need a lackluster campaign... what generates more replay-ability? SP or MP?

thank god for games like early BF (1942, vietnam, BF2) Quake3, UT99 etc for understanding this.. rather put the recources on more maps, modes etc than a fucking useless SP

You're adorable. You actually believe they cut the single player to dedicate more resources to multiplayer


I'm happy the trailer had a positive impact on you. It had the opposite impact on me. I've been gaming for too many years to be influenced by a content free trailer.

And? You are still getting a gameplay demo.

Everyone wins bud, I see no reason to be triggered someone else is buying the game cause this trailer when you fucking get a gameplay demo anyway...... why be mad? smh, you too bitter man. Relax. You get the gameplay trailer too you know, this isn't an either or, BOTH will be shown.


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Oh so ok there are 7 maps with one to three sectors in each, meaning theres MAYBE 21 maps total. Im guessing the full version of a map is used for the 128 players battles ? man that wording will cause so much confusion, why haven't they said we have 7 locations each divided in multiple maps. My understanding is that if you capture a sector the battle is over (so its kinda a redo of grand operations). Do we know the other modes ? saw a reddit leak mentioning Hazard and some other stuff but no classic domination
Hazard Zone is something completely new that is also totally different from Conquest/breakthrough. Jackfrags describes it as squad based and "High Stakes" then muses that it might be similar to Escape From Tarkov or Hunt: The Showdown. He says that Battlefield 2042 DOES NOT have a Battle Royal mode. So the mode from Dice LA is also not a BR.
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This comment is so annoying lmfao. Battlefield has always shown in-engine trailers first and then gameplay shortly after. Boo hoo you gotta wait until the xbox conference.
So? Just because they've always done it, doesn't make it a good idea.

I'm always puzzled why they insist on non-gameplay trailers for multi-only games. Seems like a waste of money and time, and most people hate them.
You're adorable. You actually believe they cut the single player to dedicate more resources to multiplayer
True or not in regards to resources (probably is, all the maps, assets, testing, scripting etc for a campaign is huge). Mandatory SP campaign for MP focused games have not always been a thing.. but maybe you are too young.

Hard for a Sony fanboy to swallow maybe where MP is always second-hand in all first-party
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
The year 2042 seems interesting and a good choice by Dice, I’m curious if they’ll ever return to World War 1 and 2.
Considering almost all Battlefield campaigns were shit and not even comparable to a COD campaign, I see no loss here. Its the only shooter where I went straight for MP. COD on the other hand id be pissed if no campaign as they are entertaining as hell every time.

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We...just...had...WW1...WW2... and you are already asking when they will do another one? Jesus...
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Eh.... Just didn't do it for me. Seemed generic and uninspired.

Sure there are battlefield moments but I'm not sure if they were so in your face in a bf trailer before. Probably going after the Warzone crowd.

It's like it is missing its own personality, seemed like a bunch of "me 2" moments, "we also have this and that and..."

Not convinced so far.


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It's not that I think the game will not look like that. To me they were just random clips and noise. The only thing this trailer informed me of is that a new battlefield is coming and it will look pretty. Guess it could be my fault, I was expecting a trailer like this
All of these reveals are just that. Reveals. I don't get caught up in reveals. To properly assess a game, you have to play it.


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People need to learn the difference between CGI and in-engine.

Neither of them represent the actual game tho, which is what people mean. Same for promo bullshots. But hey, many people fall for that, especially Sony's audience, so I don't blame the publishers for such moves. But there some actual in-game shots in the trailer nevertheless, some parts are less detailed, with simpler geometry, lower res textures, especially the part on the ice.


I am not a fan of the music choice but it's very clear DICE/EA is trying to do everything possible to win back the fans on this trailer. It has a little of everything from the previous BF games/marketing campaigns.

The ending is cool, I like both sides stopping to fight and gazing at the new Levolution element. However, am I the only one not as impressed with it? I played Just Cause 4 and their tornado effects and gameplay impact seem to be the same. I really want that tornado to rip down structures...doesn't need to bring down a skyscraper but at the very least causes a good amount of damage.
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Fatteus the Dumb? Darth Fatteus was a console warrior so mindless, and so impatient, he could know gameplay footage was coming in four days, and a playtest next month and still be triggered by a marketing hype trailer.


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This was disappointing. So many stupid things in the trailer. Gas on the right hand side on the F-35 (the stick is on the right hand side, gas is on the left hand side just like the F-16), soldiers walking into what was clearly a ambush situation, wtf would any trained soldier walk like that into a confined space without controlling the higher ground first. Wing suit was cool, I guess. I expected more like BF4, more grounded. Got this.


Trailer looks great. Hoping EA’s redemption under Zampella continues and this will be good. Sodurland almost ruined the company with his direction of the studios.

I preordered as the setting is perfect. Hopefully it’s better than 5 with all its missteps.


I'm hyped. If I can manage to get a replacement GPU by launch it will be a Day 1 purchase.

Battlefield has never been for everyone but this one seems to be made for long time Battlefield fans. At least from the look of it I don't what else I could be asking for.


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A cinematic for a multiplayer only game.
Yes, a cinematic that the series always does first that features all kinds of moments that happen when playing the game.

The rendezook
The surprise knife kill and dogtags
The helicopter chase/fight
The ATV hitting the helicopter
The crash and people jumping off like Damavand Peak
and more.

The trailer is full of crazy action scenes, because that's what BF players love and the trailer is basically a fanservice throwback into revealing the new game.

I guarantee most people whining about it have barely played the series in the past. So many knee-jerk reactions,
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