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Bayonetta 3 Lead Designer Exited Two Years Ago


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Marius Hermanavicius was the former lead designer of Bayonetta 3 from when the game was announced back in 2017 until 2020 when he decided to leave the company. While it may seem rather concerning that this development was not announced to fans at the time it transpired, Bayonetta 3 seems to still be on track to launch this year after this was confirmed in a trailer for the game back in September 2021.

Hermanavicius moved on to Xbox's Tango Gameworks after his departure from Platinum Games after being involved with multiple projects with the company over the years. Hermanavicius worked on the canceled Xbox project Scalebound, was in charge of the level design and boss encounters in Astral Chain, and also played a large role in the development of Bayonetta 3. Hermanavicius was not the only big name to leave Platinum Games recently as the former president of the company stepped down earlier this month after his 6-year tenure with Platinum Games.

Hermanavicius was heavily involved in Scalebound which is alleged to share a lot in common with Bayonetta 3 along with lead designer in Yusuke Miyata, which is most likely why the games are alleged to have similarities. Both Bayonetta 3 and the canceled Scalebound seemingly feature a summoning system that allows the player character to summon creatures several hundred times larger than themselves.


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Wait is that a foreigner or a Japanese dude with eccentric parents?.

Love the first 2 games but this one has me a bit a worried. Between the long development time, underwhelming gameplay reveal and news like this, something just seems off.
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