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Best "one and done" game ever made?

Rogue Galaxy

The Hermit

Zack and Wiki

I wish there was a sequel though :(

Someone said blast corps and I can´t get one of it OST out of my head. Awesome game
Uniracers. Still can't believe Nintendo never made a sequel or remake. I don't even think it's Been available on VC. Quality game. Tony hawk before Tony hawk

Not so fun fact...

There'd probably be more Uniracers games if Pixar didn't threaten to sue based on some crappy cartoon character they made of a unicycle.

Nintendo was forced to only run out the original prints of the game. Part of the reason many didn't get to play it. And I guarantee we won't see it on virtual console.. Sad


Out of the games on that list i'd go for Brute Force and Mad Dash Racing. Whacked was fun too.

Also I think Beyond Good and Evil is pretty excellent.

Loving the Alpha Protocol shout! High five son!


Chromehounds. Best mutliplayer I've ever experienced. Checked all the right mech game online boxes. R.I.P.


SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium.

I loved this game on the true NGP. Still the best handheld portable fighting game because of the analog stick.


Pretty sure Space station silicon valley on N64 should be on this list...

Edit :I'm gonna vote for Blast corps, so good, so original.
The top of my personal list is Drill Dozer. I can't believe how little love the game gets. Makes me wish the developers weren't stuck remaking Pokemon games until the end of time.


Super Putty is a sequel to Putty, and got a port to the CD32 under the same title, and was the prequel to Putty Squad on both the Amiga 500 and the PS3.


Have Windjammers, The Outfoxies and Battle Circuit been mentioned?

All cool games that have never been ported (I'll count the Neo Geo MVS and AES as one system) or iterated upon.

Speed Freaks (Speed Punks in the US). Awesome cart game for the PS1.

I've had a google and don't think it's ever been available digitally, but I could be wrong.

Dash Kappei

Not actually that important
The Last of Us


oh you meant also only on one platform (pretty stupid rule imo but ok)...

Zombi U

Super Tennis


Zack & Wiki

Eternal Darkness
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