Borderlands 2 release date on PS Vita is 18th march

Awesome now lets go Via 150 Euro deal again I missed it last time I really hope it comes up again before then.

Ow and even more games in March ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME March seriously.

<3 BL2


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Will be released soon but no footage so far ? Hmm...reminds me of CoD Vita, hope the port isnt total shit, but i wouldn't be surprised.
OMG like this, out of the blue? I thought it would take at least the whole '14 to have some news about it.

1.5 months away! Whats up with no screens or informations about it though?
Thanks for posting fellow GAFfer.

Was not expecting another title to hit March, this is going to be a busy month for me not because I'll be getting them all but because I need to keep on budgeting and making my choices for March purchases. It's getting harder and harder but I need to stay focused.

Physical release too? Seems so close, I find it odd. Hope it runs well.
They really need to advertise this soon.

No video/screenshots?

Is the gameplay/features exactly the same?

Anyway, excited for this. I may just finish the game on it since it has just been seating in my Steam account for a while.
I'm thinking if they keep it the relatively open world that it has then this isn't going to be at native res, hoping they prove me wrong, but if this comes out with the same polish that KZ had then they could well have a hit on their hands.
South Park: The Stick of Truth, Dark Souls II, Titanfall, MGS:V, Diablo III,

No way Driveclub is coming during march.
Damn, you're right. Titanfall is a week 1 buy too for me
if it's not broken like every other EA online game.
Luckily my birthday is on March 23 so I might get one or two of them for free.
Well thanks for the date 2K... but you know how about telling us something about the actual port. Show some screens and videos and... you know tell people about it so they can perhaps look forward to it or get a little interested maybe so they actually buy the product you want to sell.
Count me in, but I'm a little troubled by the absolute lack of media. Still, really looking forward to this, I got the PS3 version on Plus but I'm holding out to play it on the Vita.
Will probably wait for huge price drops/PS+ on this one. I kinda like Borderlands 2, but not enough to finish it. I may finish it on Vita, but it's not worth the cost of double dipping to me.

Glad it's actually getting a big title though.
I have this game on PC but have played it only sparingly. I am kind of surprised by the mileage they are getting out of this franchise though. A Tell tale game and a handheld port.
It's hard to get excited for any UE3-based title on the Vita, considering the difficulty it's had running it thus far. The file size is also a concern, since the 4GB limit makes it incredibly unlikely that it will be bundled with most of the DLC. I fear that this is a disaster in the making.
If PS3 to Vita games are any indication framerate is going to be butchered to hell and back, and in a game that requires precise aiming/moving that is a big No No.