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Brazilian Devs And Nintendo Fans Band Together For Unofficial Nintendo Direct


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Dec 21, 2013
Recife, Brasil
Nintendo Life said:
A group of game development studios, content creators and fans have joined forces in Brazil to launch their very own 'Nintendo Direct' tomorrow evening at 8pm Brasilia time (midnight in the UK, 4pm PT, 7pm EST).

The event - which is 100% unofficial - is designed to attract the attention of Nintendo and highlight the huge interest from Brazilian fans in having a more significant official presence in the country, with more games translated into Portuguese and a focus on the Brazilian games development scene. A website has been set up asking participating fans to use the hashtags #NindiesBR and #WeWantNintendo in order to demonstrate the passion of Brazilian gamers and content creators for the Japanese company and its output.

The 'Direct' presentation itself will be 20 minutes long and feature games from a host of indies from across the world including Chucklefish, JoyMasher, Matt Makes Games, QUByte Interactive and Aquiris to name just a few. Here's the full list according to the website:

Produced by YouTuber Rodrigo Coelho, the presentation will be broadcast with subtitles in nine langages (including English) and, according to the official blurb, promises to feature "25 national games available for the Nintendo Switch, and promises some surprises not yet officially announced".

It's wonderful to see passionate gamers, both fans and developers alike, joining together in a positive way. It can be easy to forget that not every country enjoys the continued presence of their favourite games company at the level some of us are accustomed to. We'll be watching the event eagerly to see what surprises it has in store - catch it tomorrow (Tuesday 16th July) at 4pm PT, 7pm EST, midnight in the UK and 1am CET (Wednesday 17th July).
I'm really looking foward to this. Nintendo doesn't do much of stuff in Brazil since the early 2000s, so doing that maybe can make a diference
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Jul 6, 2011
Will not work. Nintendo hardware and games are too expensive, even in the gray market. And even if it matches the american prices, will not have demand enough to manufacture the games in the country, like Sony and Microsoft do. And PS4 and Xbox games have a lot of great cheap options in the catolog. Nintendo games did not fall in price. Being in cartridge also not helps. Nintendo Switch is a luxury product, with a lot of "portable taxes" that not fit with the brazilian reality.


Oct 16, 2018
Nintendo doesn't even have a decent game catalog in their brazilian eshop.


Feb 8, 2018
Soccer, carnaval, funk and sertanejo shows sponsorships and you have significant official presence Nintendo ®.
Trust me I'm 🇧🇷


Apr 20, 2019
I hope there're some ways this can ends well, and satisfied both. I'm not that positive though.