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Brie Larson Stars in New Metroid Dread Ad


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The amount of irrational hate this woman garners is impressive considering she's far less abrasive than most other celebrities people eat up.

Like... is it still that one quote from like 4 years ago? People still mad about that? Christ.
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Is the game selling so poorly that they turn to her of all people because she has (limited) star power? Is this Nintendo trying to reach a new audience. I don't think the militant nazi feminist crowd would give a shit about a hard-core 2d Metroid game. What is the angle here?

Also it's OLED, not o.l.e.d. it just sounds weird when she says it.
I kinda feel a little sorry for you after reading this.


When im feeling masochistic all i need to do is to just visit bree larson thread (any) because i know that i will always find that MacGuffin feet pic post.
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She looked up to Samus Aran? Why? It is a video game character! Oh, it's cause they are both females! So in this case it's ok to be known as a female and not as a person who gives birth...?


I try to avoid TheQuartering because of his 'business model', but seeing this collage makes me want to subscribe to his channel:messenger_tears_of_joy:
I just learned that TheQuartering has constructed a shed in his garden in Brie Larson's honor. In his latest video about her (from August 2021) he also claims that he is now her fan.
So I guess it is a happy ending :messenger_tears_of_joy: (y)


These are one hand chin ups, not one arm. Women who can do one arm chin ups are extremely rare - usually climbers.
Still, Brie is extremely fit and quite strong.

Hats off.
Yea you are right. At any rate, Brie is more alpha than most of the people in this thread, even if her toes are fucked.


Yea you are right. At any rate, Brie is more alpha than most of the people in this thread, even if her toes are fucked.
Haven't seen her toes (lol) but I'm guessing people are referring to some genetic thing which shouldn't be lampooned. She is a successful hard working actress.


Brie is an artificial celebrity with an unlikeable character and heavy narcissistic tendencies.
It is no wonder that many people despise here, she has no natural charisma at all and tries to sound smart by spouting whatever opinion is trending on social media.

These 3 minutes between her an Jeremy Renner pretty much says it all:

Hollywood's desperate attempt at trying to make her happen is pathetic and it needs to stop.
She’s great to look at though, so I’m ok with it.


Founder of western console warring.
She has done gaming stuff before, she did an animal crossing ad and she played knockout city on a video on her YouTube channel and she did a fortnite one.

I wonder if she will actually play dread or just doing it for the pay check, I think she might genuinely like it.


What's with the hate people?! did she run over your dog? or did she emasculate you with a strap on?
Please show me on the doll!
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