Capcom Vancouver lays off 7% of staff, but is apparently still hiring


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
Nov 1, 2009
Worst generation ever. The number of studio foldings and layoffs has been catastrophic.
Jan 8, 2012
Ono was a producer on Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams and there were rumors of a western studio was working on Onimusha around the time of the Lost Planet 3 debut.
How in the hell are devs that aren't EA or Activision kind of big going to survive the next-gen?
When they're bought BY EA or Activision and live on as one of their many appendages.

But I worry about that shit. A company like Treasure, only has 30-40 something employees. They used to be able to put out a new game every 1-2 years. Now their last new game was in 2008, and they only have the manpower to recreate their classics for XBLA.

feels bad, man